Weekend recap before the recap

So I apologize for the lack of a recap today. My husband took his laptop to work to keep him occupied on his 24 hour shift. My laptop doesn’t have the program I need so unfortunately, I can’t upload any pics yet!

For those of you who aren’t aware of what CQ is, it basically means he sits at a desk in the barracks for 24 hours and checks in any visitors. I guess you can compare it to a RA for anyone who went to college.

However, when he has this duty… So do I. Since he doesn’t get to sleep for 24 hours, he gets the next day off to recover. For me? It means he gets to sleep all day and I’m on mommy duty all day, again.

I can hardly complain though as my friend and I went shopping today and had quite the success in the retail department. Little Man got a ton of new warm clothes from Baby Gap, our favorite! Additional 40% off sale prices?? I’ll take it all! (Just kidding, but I did well…)

To make my husband’s 24 boring hours more bearable, I put together this little package and dropped it off. I highly recommend everyone try these desserts.

Nutella in Crescent Rolls, rolled in cinnamon sugar and baked according to package instructions. My husband used a few choice words to describe them so trust me, they’re that good!

And on another exciting note, Bubba took 7 steps last night! I can hardly believe my little man will be walking soon… Where does the time go!?

Hope everyone had a great weekend and I promise, a recap and pictures to come tomorrow!



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