When the universe is trying to teach you a lesson


When the universe is trying to teach you a lesson

I’ve always been spastic and somewhat of a hot mess. My husband is a super neat, organized person and me? Well, I’m not. I’m not a pig, I just have SO much shit that I never have a place for all of it. I know, I know..”everything has a place”. But not my stuff. There’s just too much of it.

The past week has been insanity. First, I realized that I was missing the memory card with all of the home movies I’ve ever taken of my kids. I remember the card being full at Christmas and taking it out at my parents house. I remember thinking ” I need to put this in a safe place and make sure I transfer these movies somewhere”.

Well too little too late. Because when I went to charge the video camera for our trip to CLE, the memory card wasn’t in there. It was the card that I had replaced the other card with while at my parents house. SO where is the card? No idea. I ripped the entire house apart looking for that thing. I checked drawers, boxes, baskets… nothing. It has to be somewhere… unless it got thrown away in the Christmas wrapping paper madness but I mean, will I ever know? Maybe it will show up down the road. But that’s 5 years of memories I can’t find and I’m sick to my stomach over it.

I was thinking maybe it was in one of my purses. A specific purse I thought I may have had in Ohio. So when I went to grab it to look, I couldn’t find it. WTF is going on here?! I mean, now that’s TWO things missing and driving me to the mad house while I look for them.

Well third time’s a charm right? I went to grab my license today and couldn’t find THAT either. I had it Monday night when I picked up packages from UPS and now, no where to be found. I called UPS, I checked my car, I checked purses, wallets, ugh everything. And nothing.

When the universe is trying to teach you a lesson

This happens all the time. I can’t find things when I need to find them and it stresses me out and ruins my mood. It eats me alive, especially if it’s something important. And two of these things are clearly very important.


But I know why this happens.

I’m always in a rush.

I don’t take time to put things in their place.

I’m always late.

I’m always running out of the door. Probably yelling at my kids to get a move on.

So maybe I need to take this as a sign from the universe. Maybe it’s telling me I need to slow down. Maybe I need to declutter a bit and find a place for everything. Maybe I need to focus on one thing at a time instead of trying to do 800 things at once. I’m only ONE person and to be honest, it can be a lot to handle. But clearly I’m trying to do too much and I’m going to take this as a sign to make some changes.

Because sometimes, we just need to listen to the universe, right?

When the universe is trying to teach you a lesson, LISTEN.




  • Annie - XO, Annie

    Sam, the loss of a memory card can be so awful and I’m sorry you’re experiencing that! Definitely taught me to back mine up every chance I get.

    Now (and don’t hate me), don’t make it worse on yourself by stating (and believing and telling your subconscious that that’s how it always is!) things like, “I can’t find things when I need to find them and it stresses me out and ruins my mood,” “I’m always in a rush,” “I don’t take time to put things in their place,” “I’m always late,” and so on.

    Especially that last one! I get it: you’re being the blogger we love–real, genuine, amiable. But you’re essentially harming your untapped potential by writing those things out as truth, and setting them “on stone,” so to speak.

    You know how people say, “I can’t afford that”? Newsflash: Now you won’t :)! So if someone doesn’t think they currently have the money to buy X, they should instead say, “I can’t afford it yet but I will in X time” or “I will soon get that.”

    I think you should do something similar.. You wouldn’t be sugarcoating anything, but merely making it better for yourself: “I sometimes misplace things and get stressed out but a quick workout sesh and a hug from P fixes my mood,” “I need to start managing my time better,” “I tend to misplace things but I’m working to create more specialized sections in my home so I don’t do that anymore.”

    I promise you I’m not crazy–turning your mentality around like that really helps :). XO. Keep being you.

  • Allison

    I agree! I am so right there with you, I need to slow down and take a deep breath!

  • Aarika

    Sorry you lost your memory card. That must be really frustrating. I love this post! I am a big believer in listening to life’s lessons and wisdom. =) Thanks for the reminder. You are fabulous!

  • Liane

    Girl I am right there with you! A couple of months ago I had my engagement, wedding & eternity rings in my dressing gown pocket because my fingers had swollen up over night. (Thanks post pregnancy!) The next morning I took my dressing gown off and it fell upside down and I heard my rings fall out. I bent down to get them and they weren’t there!! I’ve ripped my bedroom apart looking for them. I moved all the furniture and still nothing!

    My Nan swears by asking Saint Anthony for any lost items!

    I hope you find you’re memory card! (& purse and license!) Loosing memories like that is heartbreaking 🙁

    • Samantha

      I found my license and memory card! I don’t even care about the purse! Haha I hope you find your rings love.. that’s so sad 🙁

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