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I can’t believe we’re here again… doin’ the bumpdate thang!

I had to go back and look at the ones I did with P because I totally don’t remember a ton of that pregnancy. And I didn’t even do these for N and I’m super sad about it so I’m going to try and stay on track with these every Friday.

Technically I turn a new week on Monday so by the time you read this, I’ll b X week + 4 days. But not much changes in a few days so its close enough!

I’ve been getting a lot of questions since we announced last week so hopefully I’ll be addressing them in the answers below:


How far along: 10 weeks + 4 days

Size of baby: Strawberry

Baby’s size and weight: 1.18 inches and .14 ounces

My total weight gain: 4 lbs

Baby’s development: 

Baby has working arm joints, and cartilage and bones are forming.

Vital organs are fully developed and are starting to function.

Fingernails and hair are starting to appear.

Stretch marks: None.

Maternity clothes: I’ve ordered a few but haven’t worn any yet. I’ve been living in leggings though because it’s FREEZING here and I want nothing to do with jeans.

Gender: Not sure. I sent back my Sneak Peek Test but apparently they could’t use the sample I sent (it’s been so cold here my blood sample FROZE) so I should find out this weekend. If I had to guess, I would guess girl but I guess I really have no idea.

Movement: Not yet.

Sleep: This might be one of the worst parts. I’ve had insomnia for weeks now. I usually wake up around 2 or 3 a.m. and I’m wide awake, just laying there for 2-3 hours. P still comes in my bed every night too so I’m just not sleeping at all pretty much.

What I miss: The gym but I have felt SO crappy that it’s the last place I’ve wanted to be. I’m going to attempt to start back next week. Oh and wine…I miss my wine. 

Food cravings: Now that I’m eating more than just bread and crackers, I haven’t had super crazy cravings. Sometimes I’ll say “oh that sounds good!” and I’ll need it immediately. French fries, sushi, lots of carbs in general I guess.

Symptoms: Nausea, exhaustion, sore boobs, dizziness.

The siblings are: excited! N has been very protective and asks me about the baby often haha and P just can’t wait to be the best mother’s helper.


Some other questions I’ve had over the past few weeks: 

“How have you been feeling?” Now, I’m feeling better. I still have moments of nausea and I’m exhausted but I can’t even tell you how sick I was a few weeks ago. I had to cancel my trip to Georgia I was so sick. I spent weeks on the couch with a bowl next to me in case I needed to throw up and eating strictly toast, crackers, and Ginger Ale.

“Do you have names picked out?” Nope. We’ve tossed around a few we’re considering but even then, I don’t love them. So spam me with suggestions if you have them!

“Was this an accident?” While I don’t think that’s the most appropriate question to be asking me, yes, this was not planned. We had talked about having another one next year if we decided we wanted a third. But this, caught us totally off guard. I think once I start to show and feel movement I’ll feel more connected but if I’m being totally honest, it just doesn’t seem real yet.

“Is this the last one?!” Yes, this will be the last one. But 3 isn’t like, 100 or something. I am shocked at some of the responses I’ve seen/heard about having our third child but don’t worry, there’s an entire post coming on that topic.

“Do you want a boy or a girl?” Obviously I want a healthy baby. But secretly, I’m hoping for a girl. I can’t picture myself with another little man but I guess that’s not up to me, is it?

“What will happen to your closet room?” Yes, unfortunately I have to give up my closet room now. Which I’m super bummed about but the kid needs a room lol I guess I will just have to get creative and find a way to fit all somewhere.

And there you have it! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and I’ll see you Monday! xo




  • Jackie

    I’m happy for the Curtis family! Congrats and stay warm!

  • Sherri Mulholland

    Congratulations to all of you! Soo exciting , lucky little one! 💕

    • Samantha

      Thank you so much Mrs. Mulholland!!

  • Cheila

    Congratulations!! It was not an accident, it’s an unexpected gift 😊 names I like that I think might go with Nolan and Paisley: Phoebe, Logan, Austin, McKenzie, Landon, Kerry, Colbie, Bennett. I’m very happy for you ❤️

    • Samantha

      I LOVE that… needed to hear that.. Thank you <3 and I LOVE so many of those suggestions! Thank you!!

  • Kate

    Congrats to you & your growing fam!

  • Marette Flora

    Congratulations! I’m expecting too (my first) and have been surprised by some of the weird questions and things people say. Haha oh well!

  • Macy

    I’m also giving up my closet room go turn it into a nursery! I am really struggling to find a place for everything, but it’s for the best reason at least. Excited to read this bump date, can’t wait for more! Congrats again!

  • Kelly

    RIP closet room but I am so happy for you!!!!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  • amber.m

    The “was it an accident” and “is this the last one” KILLS me.
    I once had an elderly man tell me that we were going to have to invest in a bigger table.
    Walking through the mall in Georgia… he was walking passed and spouted that off. I starred at him sooooooo confused about his comment. Then realized it’s because I had that pudge after Owen so he assumed I was pregnant and spitting out all the babies. And even if so, what’s that his business?! And making a comment about needing a bigger table?!
    Excited to read the post about the 3 kids. haha. Just you wait… oh the comments you’ll hear. HAHA!

    • Samantha

      SERIOUSLY?! People are crazy. Like I would never ask someone if it was an accident or mistake lol what does it matter? I’m clearly having the baby. Yeah I have a whole lotta stuff to say about the comments I’ve heard! haha

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