13 Week Bumpdate AND some NEWS!

How far along: 13 weeks (officially into the second trimester! woo hoo!)
Size of baby: Peach
Baby’s weight: 1.52 oz
My total weight gain: Since I’m on vacation and there’s no scale, this week is a freebie! 
Baby’s development: Baby is on the move constantly, neck is getting longer helping it stand more erect, and hair and eyebrows are filling in. 
Stretch marks: None.
Maternity clothes: I have a feeling I will need to start wearing these when I return home!
Gender: Unknown; we cancelled our early ultrasound due to our last minute vacation decision. Looks like we will find out 6 weeks from today!
Movement: None yet. 
Sleep: Still waking up to go to the bathroom multiple times a night, making continuous sleep cycles difficult!
What I miss: Feeling thin. 
Food cravings: Nothing new; I did want sushi really badly this week and of course, the craving was fulfilled 🙂 
Symptoms: The nausea has subsided (thank goodness) and now I’d say my biggest symptom is sore tatas! I cannot believe how badly they hurt; NEVER had this with Bubs.
Nolan is: loving our beach vacation this week. It’s been a whole different ballgame being on vacation with a toddler, but more to come on that next week!
Zach is: so excited to finally know where we are heading! Which brings me to my next announcement…
What I’m looking forward to: MOVING TO FORT BENNING, GEORGIA! We finally received official word the other day that we will be heading there in December. Looks like my little peach in the belly will be born a Georgia peach 🙂 🙂 🙂
Best moments: Seeing those orders to Georgia, spending time with family this past week, and crossing into the second trimester.
Funny things: Zach and I were quoting movie quotes the other day in the pool when Bubs was napping. Just reminded me of when we first started dating. 
Not so funny things: Still not looking forward to 15 weeks apart and moving when I’m 37 weeks pregnant but hey, guess we will just roll with the punches!
And for your viewing pleasure, a little look at the bump on the beach! To be honest, I just feel fat so I’m hoping this bump starts making me look pregnant instead of looking like I just overate at breakfast. 
We’re leaving North Carolina today and heading back to Ohio, then back to NY on Sunday! Excited to get back to NY and enjoy our last few weeks there. A bucket list to come soon 🙂 
Have a great weekend dolls!


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