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I love you because…{deployment care package}

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I had no idea Z was enlisting in the Army when we first met. In fact, it wasn’t until we were sitting around a bonfire at someone’s house that someone else spilled the beans for him. I knew NOTHING about the Army before him; I knew they were clean-shaven, well-disciplined and good-looking men ( I mean that uniform? Come on…)
But then I slowly started to learn more; what it meant to be married to a man in the military, what types of sacrifices he was making, and how strong and selfless he truly was. And although I don’t always love this lifestyle, I do love him and I choose to support him however I can.
Any type of long distance relationship is difficult; there can be time zone differences, opposite schedules, and the fact that it may be months before you see each other again. Over the past four years, Z and I have spent more time apart than we have together and we’ve had to learn to adjust. Whether it’s in the states or thousands of miles away in another country, we’ve had to make it work. And while I wish I could say it’s easy, it’s not. For either parties.
But when you love someone enough, it doesn’t matter. Some people may “choose” not to do the long distance thing and that’s fine. But for us, there’s no choice. We love each other, we’re married, and this is our life right now. When he’s finished his commitment and it’s time to move home to Ohio, we will cherish every single second we have together because we will know what it feels like to be apart.
Now let me be the first to say that our marriage isn’t perfect; and adding two small kids into the mix doesn’t exactly make it a cake walk either. But there’s one thing that’s for sure, I love my husband more than anything in the world. And even on the days he drives me insane, I can’t thank God enough for bringing this man into my life.


He’s thoughtful. He’s kind. He’s sweet. He’s loving. He’s caring. He’s smart. He’s funny. And most importantly? He loves me. He loves me when I’ve had a bad day at home with the kids or out in the field for work. He loves me when I spent an absurd amount of money at the mall or when I’ve forgotten to pay our credit card bill. He loves me when I spend hours cooking a good meal or when I don’t feel like cooking and we eat pizza and then leftover pizza the next day. He loves me for me, and that’s what makes our love so great.
Often times, we look at the time apart instead of the time together. Or the things that annoy us about our spouses instead of the things we love. Yep, me included.
But I love this man more than anything and I always want him to feel that way. Whether it’s spoiling him with care packages or sending him love letters, I want him to know there’s not a second that goes by that I’m not thinking of him. And although we’ve just begun this long journey ahead of us, the first care package I send him is going to be a box of things I love about him. To build him up and remind him that although we’re miles apart, we’re always together at heart (cue the cheesy love music).
A razor, razor blades, and shaving cream to keep that adorable face baby smooth. 
Pictures from your babies because I can’t imagine a better father than you are to them.
Deodorant, because we all know how nervous you used to be around me. 
Sour Patch Kids because sometimes I’m sour, then sweet, and you’re okay with that. 
Tylenol to get rid of the headaches the army gives you… but you deal with so graciously.
A notebook for love letters, my favorite part about you being away. 
Our favorite movie for you to watch over and over again, because I love the way you quote it with me.
Coffee; to keep you alert but because you always think to make me one before we leave the house. 
Kisses…because you’re kisses are my favorite and I can’t wait to kiss you everyday for the rest of our lives.
Photo credit: Amy Hess Photography
The next year won’t be easy, but we both know that our love is strong enough to make it through anything. And although we will undoubtedly have our tough days, being married to such an amazing man makes it all worth it.
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