Weekend recap: wedding edition

I know I say it every weekend but for real, this weekend has left me drained. I landed in Ohio Thursday night (after a huge debacle but I’ll touch on that tomorrow), and picked up Z’s tux for the wedding. Friday was spent running errands before the wedding and then the rehearsal dinner that night. Which we left by 8:30 because we were both so tired and knew the next day was going to be a super long one!

We went to the salon around 9 am and started the hair and makeup process. I made sure to pack plenty of snacks and the iPad for Lady because I was terrified she was going to get super cranky and not want to walk down the aisle. N went golfing with Z and the other groomsmen and I think it’s safe to say we have a future golf fanatic on our hands. But all in all, the kids were great and I was very impressed!

After hair and makeup, we headed to the church to get dressed and snap a few pics before the ceremony started. I was getting super nervous and I wasn’t even the one getting married! But finally, it was time to get the show on the road!

I swear, I thought my heart was going to beat out of my chest when I walked down the aisle. And then I lost all hope of keeping it together when I saw my brother get emotional as she walked down the aisle. Seriously, lip quivering, full on Kim K tears happening. But it made my heart so happy to see my brother so emotional and of course, the bride get emotional as well. So much love for each other and they couldn’t be a more perfect match!

We took a few photos at the church and then jumped on the party bus to go take more photos in the park. And of course, strategically plan our entrance into the reception. The reception was a blast (minus being “Iced” with Smirnoff Ices twice before we even ate dinner) and I think everyone had an amazing time. The food was great, the music was good, and the dance moves were on point. And of course, any chance I get to spend with my family is the best time ever.

It’s so surreal and it happened in the blink of an eye. I wish we could do it every weekend! But I am so happy to have gained a sister and have him find someone that makes him as happy as she does.

And now that the craziness of NYFW and the wedding is over, I plan to get my life together. But then again, I think I say that at least once a week too, huh? One day friends…one day…



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