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These are my confessions…


StyleGirl Boutique top c/o// The Dandy Lion Boutique shorts (use thesamanthashow for 25% off your purchase)// sandals// ROSS sunnies// Tory Burch bag// Hole in Her Stocking bracelet c/o// Rocksbox necklace (use code thesamanthashowxoxo for your first month free)// Photo credit: Amy Hess Photography


I have an obsession with graphic tees. As you’ve seen here, here, and here. And there are probably a lot more than this.

I love Disney movies. Hence, the mermaid top.

I have an addiction to online shopping. When I’m having a bad day, that’s my go-to vice.

I laugh when someone gets hurt in movies. Like the girl who rides her bike into the car in Wayne’s World? I die. I can’t even.

I need to eat something sweet immediately after dinner.

I’m addicted to The Bachelorette and Dance Moms. Those are the only two shows I’m really “watching” right now.

I have to clear all of my notifications on my phone before going to bed.

I’m easily distracted and I’m always trying to do 100 things at a time.

I’m super self conscious and critical of myself.

I call my mom everyday.

I get really excited for new cleaning devices. I was recently sent a Shark Steam and Spray Pro and I can’t wait for Z to get home so he can watch the kids and I can use it.

But despite my love for cleaning devices, my house is a mess right now. And it makes me anxious but I can’t keep it clean with two kids, two cats, a dog, and no husband home to help.

I sometimes hide in the laundry room to sneak desserts. If P sees me chewing, she grabs my hand and takes me into the kitchen.

I’m a procrastinator.

I’m also addicted to planners and notebooks. (Ironic?)

I’m a little scatterbrained. But I guess that’s to be expected with this life, right?







Alright… your turn! What are your confessions?? And you’re welcome for Usher being in your head the rest of the day…




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