Lake Therapy

Well first and foremost, those that used to follow my blog on WordPress may notice the difference…we have a new home! After talking with a fellow Army wife, I decided it was time to make a switch. So here we are… From The Adventures of an Army Wife…to… Hooah and Hiccups!

As some of you read yesterday, I was having a hard time being apart from my hubby voluntarily. But, I woke up with the sun reflecting off the lake, cool breeze blowing in my window, and the calmness of the water. I feel a bit more at peace because of this, but it’s also one less sleep without him that put me in a better mood.

Nolan’s so close to crawling it’s scary. I looked away for a second and somehow he returned back to a sitting position. It’s hard to believe this little man is six months old and coming into his own personality. He pinched me today and I screamed in pain and said “No” and what did he do? He smiled and laughed at me. Boy am I in for some trouble!

Zach’s working diligently on his packet for Warrant Officer Candidate School, and if all goes well we should be moving south by the end of the year! Bring on the warmer weather, chicken and biscuits, and southern hospitality.

Can’t wait to receive my custom layout for my new blog! Stay tuned!



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