Makeup ideas for light skin and blonde hair.

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Makeup ideas for light skin and blonde hair.

We all know I’m not a real blonde; there’s no denying that. My hair has been every color under the sun, but blonde is always wear I feel most comfortable. Despite the fact that my eyebrows are a little darker and my roots tend to show through sooner rather than later, I love being blonde.

But it’s not always easy when it comes to makeup, especially when I go from Brunette Land to Blonde Land. I can wear different shades and do different things with my makeup depending on the color of my hair. Especially because my skin is a lot fairer than it used to be, I really have to watch I don’t wear the wrong colors to wash me out.

So today I wanted to makeup ideas for light skin and blonde hair ladies!

Makeup ideas for light skin and blonde hair.



First off, make sure you have a foundation that actually matches your skin tone (disclaimer…this one doesn’t.. I grabbed the wrong one but normally I go with something a lot lighter). This will make or break your look. I’m serious, go to a store where they help you match it. Once you’re matched there are websites where you can look up the current foundation you’re using and compare it to other brands. So if you don’t love that one or want something a little less or more, you can check comparable options.

I’m certainly not a makeup guru or up-to-date on the best brushes or anything, but I will tell you I love to apply my foundation with a brush. I recently discovered a brush with an airbrush effect and it’s been life changing. It helps you to only apply what you need and won’t leave you looking cakey.

Makeup ideas for light skin and blonde hair.

Next, I use a powder. I’m currently using a mineral powder because I ran out of my pressed powder. Both do the job just fine. For me, this just helps mellow out my foundation and keep it in place. In this situation where I grabbed the wrong foundation, a lighter powder helps to tone it down. It also locks it in place.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t a big blush wearer until two or so years ago. I wasn’t educated in makeup and didn’t know what the point of it was. But ladies…hear this. ESPECIALLY if you are fair skinned, find a blush that gives you a little color but doesn’t make you look like a doll. Ever so slightly apply it to your cheekbones and then using a fluffier brush, blend it in. This will make or break your look. And keep you from looking like a ghost.

Makeup ideas for light skin and blonde hair.

To give you a little color but not overly bronze you, go for a bronzer with a cool tone. Most bronzers have a warm tone which in turn, make you look orange and fake. And don’t put it on your entire face. Homegirl doesn’t know how to contour (that’s apparently what fair skinned people should use bronzer for) so I just put it near my blush and blend it, up near my forehead and a little on my chin. Ever so lightly!

Alright so let’s talk about the eyes! I think this was the biggest change when I switched from Brunette to Blonde. For the most part, I’ve always worn and stuck to neutrals. Mainly browns. But now that I’m blonde with fair skin, I have to wear a shade that’s dark enough to show up but not super dark where it washes me out. Champagne, light gold, mauve, light brown… those will be your best friend. If you want to look natural, stick with lighter colors. Whether matte or shimmer, doesn’t matter…just don’t overdo it.

For final touches, I do a liquid eyeliner on the top lid, black mascara (if you think that is too bold, go for a brown) and a banana powder. Banana powder eliminates any surface redness or pink undertones and helps neutralize blue circles under the eye. It will change your life I tell ya.I used to wear eyeliner on my waterline too but my friend said it made my eyes look too dark so I backed away from that for the most part. Now the top seems to be enough!

And last but not least, I go with a light pink/mauve shade for everyday wear. If I’m feeling fierce I’ll switch it up and match with the season but for the most part, my everyday lip color is fairly subdued.

So since we’ve already addressed the elephant in the room, we know I’m not a real blonde. But the upkeep can get super pricey given the natural color (and length) of my hair. Target is literally my go-to store at least three days out of the week for seriously everything. And one of my favorite spots happens to be the beauty department 🙂  So when I saw the new John Frieda Sheer Blonde® Go Blonder In-Shower Lightening Treatment, I couldn’t wait to try it! I also picked up the Sheer Blonde® Go Blonder Lightening Shampoo and Conditioner, which happened to get me a $5 gift card for purchasing three of these products. Even better, right?!




Here’s the before:


And here’s the after! Granted the before picture was untamed and not flat-ironed but it doesn’t change the color. Look how much lighter and brighter it is overall! It’s designed for in-shower use, so no waiting or dealing with caps or towels or anything. It softens roots and boosts your blonde by one shade, and is much safer than traditional colour. Using the shampoo and conditioner in addition to the in-shower lightener allows you to gradually lighten your hair for a natural, sun-kissed look and reveal your best blonde with every wash. I’m totally okay with that!


I don’t want to be cliche and say blondes have more fun because I certainly had fun as a brunette too. But I will say that I love being a blonde and always feel more like “me” when I am. Although it may not be my natural color, finding products like this and learning how to properly wear makeup to match my hair color definitely helps it look more natural.

Want to try these fabulous products for yourself?! Head to Target or check them out here!


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