Letters to my former single self {link up}

SO sad this is the last one but here we go! Thanks Lisette for an amazing link up these past four weeks! 


Describe your first date with your now current partner. Did you feel any “butterflies” on your first couple of encounters? Did you have any indication it would later be the “real deal?” 

Dear Dazed and Confused Samantha,

I know it’s been a rough year for you. You don’t like your job, you’ve dealt with some extremely difficult personal issues, and the last couple of guys you’ve dated couldn’t have been more wrong for you.

Now what I’m about to tell you may shock you, but just trust me on this one; you’re going to meet someone this summer and it’s going to be it for you. I know what you’re thinking; you’ve sworn off guys and don’t want to get involved with anyone for a long time. But just trust me on this one…

You’re going to walk into a new friend’s backyard one day and spot the most gorgeous set of green eyes you’ve ever seen. After a quick introduction, you’re going to find out he went to the same college as you and you will instantly bond over this. You’re going to indulge in a few too many adult beverages that day, so don’t be surprised if things don’t take off between you and this guy for a few weeks.

The day you meet…

(Oh but you will find a photo shoot on your cell phone the next morning, and the pictures you two share couldn’t be more spot on of your personalities.)

He’s a little more nervous, reserved, and shy than the guys you are used to dating. He won’t show you he likes you nor will he really even tell you. But he does, so stop second guessing your relationship with him.

After a few weeks, things will really start to take off. You won’t know it’s possible to fall for someone so quickly but it is. He will later tell you stories of how he used to move your chair closer to his at the bonfires when you would go get a drink, or how the first night he kissed he told his mom he just kissed the girl he was going to marry. (You’ll talk about this because you will also call your best friend on your way home and tell her the same thing.)

I know this sounds too good to be true, and there’s a little something you won’t know. A few weeks after you’ve been dating, right around the beginning of fall, you’ll find out something huge, life changing even. You’ll find out he has enlisted in the US Army.

What’s a girl to do at this point? Why stay with him of course. You’ve already discovered he’s the one. He makes you laugh. He gives you butterflies. You light up when you see a BBM from him. You’ll quote movies. You’ll crack inside jokes. You won’t be able to keep your hands off each other.

On the day he enlists, he will call and ask you to dinner. He will surprise you with flowers when he shows up to your door, and you will go to Station 43 for dinner.

You’ll be able to tell something’s up; he will look more nervous than you’ve ever seen him and he will be acting a little strange. Give him a break, he’s about to tell you he’s falling in love with you. He’ll tell you he’s never felt this way about anyone and that despite only knowing each other for a few weeks, he knows you’re the one.

Your heart will melt. You will not believe it’s your life and after all you’ve been through, you will wonder if it’s too good to be true.

But it’s not. It’s more true than anything has ever been in your life and you will know at that moment, it’s forever.

I know it feels like a fantasy fairytale right now but just give it a few weeks. This is going to be your life. This is going to be your happily ever after.

Enjoy this time my love, it’s the beginning of the greatest love story of all time.


Happily Married Samantha

“Conquering life one step and one museum at a time.”




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Letters to my former single self {link-up}

Dear Samantha,

I have very mixed emotions about writing this letter to you. Part of me hopes that you’ll read it and take it to heart, but part of me wants you to figure things out on your own. Who am I kidding, you’re completely stubborn, always have been and always will be, and will go about doing your own thing anyways.

However, here goes.

Right now, you’re probably thinking everything that happens to you is “the worst thing that has ever happened to you.” That guy you thought you were going to marry? Or the one that broke your heart? Or the one who chose another girl over you. Jerks. Yes, that part you have right.

But what if I told you that one day, all of that was going to make sense. That the hurt and the pain you felt when your previous relationships ended was actually a blessing in disguise.

You’ve thrown the L bomb around a few times, and maybe you thought or think that you really do love someone right now. Well, you know how you hate being told you’re wrong? You are. You don’t love those guys. You’re infatuated with them. You love the idea of love and as one of your favorite movies, Sleepless in Seattle, will tell you “You don’t want to be in love, you want to be in love in a movie.” And we all know movies aren’t real.

But love is. And the feeling that “the one” will eventually give you is indescribable. One day, when you least expect it, you’ll meet him. And it will turn your whole world upside down and show you life in a whole different perspective. He’ll enhance it; make you a better person and make your life complete.

I can’t tell you his name, or how you’ll meet, but trust me on this. The guys you date in high school and college are just a waste of your time. I hate to say that because I know that they are an experience, and that you have to experience different relationships to know what you do and don’t want in the end.

But I promise you, you deserve way better than they have and will ever treat you. Hold out for “the one”, and you’ll know who it is when you meet him.

I don’t want you to wish this time away. You’re young, you’re single, and you’re learning. You have a lot of growing up to do and a lot of life to experience.

If I could do anything for you, I would take away the pain of your first real heartbreak. You will have two really bad break-ups but don’t worry, time will pass and you will move on. Lean on the shoulders of the family and friends who will be there for you.

If you won’t listen to me, at least keep these in mind for now:

Respect yourself. These guys aren’t going to respect you if you don’t even respect yourself.

Be honest. Don’t force feelings because you’re afraid of being alone.

Don’t ditch your friends for a guy. They will still be there in a few years when these losers are just a picture and bad memory in your scrapbook.

If it doesn’t work once, it’s not going to work again. Don’t take him back.

Be true to yourself. Be true to your morals and the way you were raised. Be you. If they don’t like it, tell them to hit the road.

I know, I know, you aren’t going to listen. But I wish I could show you how much better off you will be without them. Invest your time in your studies, friends, and the memories you’re making. You won’t those years back.

I don’t want to give away too many secrets, but when you meet “the one”, you will feel a feeling like you’ve never felt before. He will sweep you off your feet and you will live happily ever after. Trust me on this, it will happen.

Until next time,


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