Yummi Pouch {Review}

A friend of mine recently told me about Yummi Pouch and I just had to check them out for myself. Seriously, these are a MUST have if you have toddlers!
Bubba wants to do everything himself now, and when it comes to eating, it’s always a disaster. He loves loves loves “Gogurt” however unless I’m helping him, I end up cleaning more off him than he actually gets in his mouth. 
Not only is it a mess, but also such a waste of money! Buying individual yogurts and applesauces and such adds up, and I’d rather him eat Greek Yogurt and homemade purees anyway.
So here’s the solution! 

Yummi Pouch is a reusable and refillable squeeze pouch!

Yummi Pouches are:
-Freezer safe
-Dishwasher safe
-BPA, Phthalate, and PVC free
-Can hold 6 oz of whatever you like! 
I love that I can give it to Bubba and he can eat yogurt, applesauce, fruit smoothies, etc without fighting me to let him do it himself or getting it everywhere. 

I’m also looking forward to buying economy size yogurt and making my own concoctions for Bubba as well. It’s going to save us so much money and be much healthier! 
I am so happy I found these and mommy friends, I know you will love them too 🙂 
Be sure to check them out on TwitterFacebook or subscribe to their mailing list for deals! They currently have some great deals going on now! 
I received these as a gift to facilitate the review. No other compensation was provided. All opinions expressed are my own.

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