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Protecting Your Children From Things You Can’t See

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Over at, we are familiar with the complex concerns and responsibilities of military parents. Not only do you strive to stick to an everyday routine to ensure their health and stability – like putting them to bed on time, putting their daily dosage of fruits and veggies in their bellies, and making sure they understand their math homework. You also have to worry about their unique needs as military kids.

While every family has to plan for the unimaginable, it just seems more pressing for those who have a parent in the military. The world is a frightening place, with terror striking everywhere. You may feel that your family is especially vulnerable since your kids have a parent in the Armed Forces – their job involves going to all sorts of dangerous zones and fulfilling all kinds of duties to keep America as safe as possible.

Since your family selflessly signed up to sacrifice for our country, you have to plan for the unexpected in what today especially feels tenuous world. While there is absolutely no way to guarantee what will happen to you or your spouse, there is a way to make sure that your kids will always have opportunities – even through their adulthood.

Although you or your spouse’s premature death is unlikely and would be absolutely tragic, part of your responsibility is to plan for your family’s future in this scenario. Your job is to do everything to make sure that your children will thrive regardless of loss and will always have the life that you’ve dreamt for them since before they were even born.

Life insurance is the simplest way to ensure your family’s financial security. Some startling statistics show that more than a third of parents with children under the age of 18 do not have life insurance. And of the half that do have life insurance, their policies amount to $100,000 or less. Think about it: how much money would it take to support your children in the event of your absence?

You can also go one step further to protect your kids and ensure their lifelong wellbeing: purchasing life insurance for them NOW. With many providers, including AAFMAA, there are plans that members can purchase for the children in their lives.


If you insure your children now, those policies will give them options for more affordable life insurance as they grow older and have their own families. An insurance policy like AAFMAA’s Generations Plus, which is for kids between the ages of 15 days and 14 years,  is very affordable (less than $10 a month for $10,000 of coverage, for example) and is something your child will appreciate as they grow older and have their own families. With this particular policy, paying these low premiums for them now guarantees them the option to buy up to ten times the amount of insurance you initially purchase. No medical underwriting will be required for them, either, when they are ready to purchase more robust policies. It is a no-brainer to consider this policy because the coverage you buy on your child now automatically doubles when they turn 18.

It’s true: we never want our children to grow up. If we could keep them babies forever, we would. In a world of uncertainty, one truth is that your babies will grow up. Make the decisions for them now that will benefit them for their entire lives – and potentially for generations to come.

To learn more about how this works, visit AAFMAA’s Generation Plus page. For the article on where we got our statistics, check out CNBC. For any additional questions about life insurance and what kind of policy is best for you and your family visit

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