If Nolan could write…

The fabulous Sarah over at Venus Trapped in Mars posted blogging ideas the other day and I couldn’t help but think specifically about one of them. She mentioned having your dog guest post as one of her ideas and while I’m saving that one for another day, today is Nolan’s turn to shine.
You’ve seen this cute little booger around these parts for quite sometime but today, he’s going to tell you how he really feels about me and this here blog. So without further adieu, please welcome Mr. Nolan to the blog today!
Hi people. I’m Nolan and I’m the boss today. You may know me from all of the pictures my mommy posts of me but today, I’m going to talk to you about the changes that have been going on around here. 
You know, my mom had this baby in her belly and now she’s out of there (WHAT?!) so it’s been a little crazy around here. She’s pretty cute, but boy does she get mad when she gets her diaper changed. I don’t like my diaper changed either and my mom keeps telling me once I start going in the potty, I won’t have to wear a diaper. 
But I mean, it’s so much easier to just pee wherever I want instead of taking my diaper off and running to the bathroom. Am I right, people? But to keep things interesting, I go in the potty a few times a day because it gets me a piece of chocolate. I’ll make the change when I’m good and ready. 



So let’s see, what else do you know about me? You know I love coffee lattes; I mean who doesn’t need to start their morning with a little Starbucks? I blame my mom for that addiction; she’s kind of scary until she drinks her own coffee latte in the morning…
But  I love playing trains, cars, and climbing on things. I go to gym class once a week and I can do whatever I want there; bounce, jump, run, play. And then mom tells me I can’t do all of that at home on the couch or my bed… what’s with that? I get encouraged to jump and do that stuff at the gym and then it’s frowned upon in this household. I’m telling you, this listening stuff is confusing. 


I also love to snuggle and my favorite thing? Playing with mommy’s hair. I like to pull and twirl it and it’s the only way I can fall asleep. That mixed with a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Sid the Science Kid and I’m good to go. I still won’t go to sleep in my own bed (that shit’s scary), but I magically wake up in there every morning. Magic, I tell you. Blows my mind. 
But I just wanted to thank you all for reading my mom’s blog. I don’t really understand these computer machines (except that I get yelled at when I try and bang on the keyboard) but my mom seems to be really happy when she’s on here writing and reading. And plus, all of the pictures she posts are one step closer to making me famous. I’m going to play in the NFL you know, just ask me how many days a week I have to wear a jersey. Well wait, I don’t even know what days of the week are. But I love my Ohio State and Browns jersey… cool dude. 
Thanks for stopping by and we will see you tomorrow people. 


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