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Christmas Tree Farm Photoshoot

I’ve always loved a good Christmas Tree Farm Photoshoot. Not only do I love the smell of fresh Christmas trees, but I think they make the perfect background for family photos. I know people often cringe at the idea of a family photoshoot but I promise, you’ll never regret taking the photos. But you may regret it if you don’t take them. Time goes WAY too fast and it’s so important to have tangible memories to look back on.

When it comes to planning outfits, always coordinate… never match. Of course it’s cute if you want the littles or twins to match or something, but I personally think coordinating outfits look better as they compliment each other and give the photos a better dynamic.

Christmas Tree Farm Photoshoot

Christmas Tree Farm Photoshoot

Christmas Tree Farm Photoshoot

Christmas Tree Farm Photoshoot

Then comes the biggest questions; what do you wear!? Here are some tips for choose outfits for family photos:

Choose a color scheme: for our color scheme, I chose red, black, and white. I felt like they would contrast well with all the greenery from the trees and make us stand out.

Choose one outfit first: I started with the baby’s buffalo plaid jumper and then coordinated everyone else’s outfits around that. Find one piece you love and have to have and the rest will fall into place. Choose different tops and bottoms in your colors for each different person.

Different textures: This is my favorite part! My daughter had sequins, my son had a wool sweater, etc.

I LOVE how these photos turned out! We used them to order our Christmas cards but I will also make a book for our family photo book collection (I use Shutterfly and make books throughout the year).

I hope this helped and gave you inspiration if you’ve been struggling to find the perfect outfits for your Christmas Tree Farm Photoshoot! Feel free to message me with any questions 🙂 And thank you to The Bearded Shutter for these amazing photos. We love them!





  • Classicallycrystal

    This is perfect I have never see a photoshoot at a Christmas tree farm. I love it! The ones of yall walking especially are super cute. I wish I lived closer by a Christmas tree farm!

  • Kelly

    Such a cute Christmas card shot, your family is adorable!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

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