30 things you may not know about me

I’ve been blogging for almost SIX years. I honestly can’t even believe it. You know what else I can’t believe? That I’m turning THIRTY next week. That’s three decades. I just can’t.

So in honor of turning 30, I decided to share 30 things you may not know about me. And since I’m wearing this shirt, we’ll start with this one…

1. I met *NSYNC in middle school. Check my insta story later for pictures and autograph proof haha

2. I have six tattoos. One on each foot, one on each wrist, one on my neck and one on my side.

3. I have my nose pierced but sometimes forget to put a ring in when it’s fallen out. And it always falls out. I also still have my belly button pierced.

4. My husband and I went to the same college but didn’t meet until a year after he graduated.

5. I worked for the Cleveland Cavaliers after I graduated.

6. I met LeBron James while interning with Fox Sports Ohio.

7. I struggle with anxiety and depression. Full disclosure, I take medicine daily. Also full disclosure, it doesn’t always work.

8. I love sushi but won’t eat anything with raw fish.

9. I can’t STAND the sound of people chewing. It literally makes my skin crawl.

10. I sleep with a noise machine and can’t fall asleep without it. My kids each have one in their rooms now too.

11. I swear I saw a ghost once. I was coming down our stairs and saw a woman in a white see-through cloak run by the front door. I ran downstairs and hid under the coffee table and made my dad go outside and look haha

12. I was forced to get my boating license after getting pulled over on my jet ski one summer. Either I had a week to complete the test and get it or I was going to get a ticket!

13. I co-slept with both of my kids. Not on purpose, but it just happened. My daughter started to sleep in her big girl bed when we moved but now she’s back in mine most nights… and I really don’t even mind.

14. I have two cats and two dogs; Charlie, Chandler, Princess Sofia the First, and Little Elf.

15. I took Jazz and Tap until high school but stopped so I could dance on my high school dance team.

16. I was a Zeta Tau Alpha in college. Zeta Love!

17. I’ve never been to Europe but I’m dying to go. The top three places on my wish list are Italy, Ireland, and France.

18. I’ve openly admitted to my husband that Channing Tatum and Luke Bryan are my biggest crushes.

19. I often put pink in my hair and let it fade within the week. Keeps things fun! This is the kind I use.

20. I nursed N for 15 months and P for 23 months. Also, wasn’t in the “plan”.

21. My husband was on the Elvis Duran show talking about being an Instagram husband.

22. I was friends with Elle Fowler in college.

23. My first job was at the local Dairy Queen and I worked there for 8 years! Every break when I came home from college and summers of course 🙂

24. I hate wearing earrings. My ears are really sensitive so I have to be super particular but I just prefer not to wear any.

25. I have a younger brother… and he’s getting married this year!

26. I have an obsession with unicorns...but I don’t think that’s any secret.

27. I’m Italian, Irish, and Bohemian.

28. I’ve sat on THE couch from F.R.I.E.N.D.S when I toured Warner Bros Studios.

29. I’m what you would call “an organized mess”. My house is always neat and tidy but I’m always a mess. Yet I know where everything is (most of the time).

30. I’ve been keeping a secret since Christmas… but you’ll have to wait for another week or so before I can share it. And no, I’m not pregnant.

Here’s to turning 30 in a week…cheers!






  • Janella Panchamsingh

    Nice to meet you! I agree with number 7 they don’t always work for real!

  • Holly

    That totally happened to me on the jet ski when I was 14!

  • April

    So nice to get to know more about you from a fellow Ohioan. So cool that you BF that long too! It is such a special time that I can’t imagine ending it sooner than mom and baby want to. I hate wearing earrings too for the same reason!

  • Amanda | Maple Alps

    I also love sushi and also won’t eat anything with raw fish. It was fun reading these facts about you!

  • Sharon Wu

    I can totally relate to #8! I hate raw fish but love sushi lol! It was great getting to know you! xo, sharon

  • Happy almost birthday! And so funny that you mentioned about your hubs being on Elvis Duran. That is how I found you!! And I was SO shocked to find out that you were living in the same city as me at the time! Too cool!

  • Jane

    NSync was my first concert! 12 year old me is soooooo jealous that you met them! haha

  • Lauren

    Thank you for being open about your depression and anxiety. It’s something that so many of us have that we don’t really talk about. It needs to be talked about more so we can lean on each other!

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