Soccer must haves for parents

Me? A soccer mom? How did this happen?! I used to HATE watching soccer and would beg my husband to turn the channel and now here I am, 3 kids that play soccer and I am LOVING every minute of it. Maybe there’s just something different when your kids are the ones playing, but I won’t lie, I’m actually starting to really enjoy the sport!

But since taking on my new soccer mom role, I’ve learned a lot… mostly how unprepared I was! I had someone ask on Instagram if I could share my soccer must haves for parents so today I am going to share some of my favorite things to have for games and practices, for both spectators and to have on hand for the players! Since my son plays travel soccer, a lot of these are for longer tournaments, games, and travel but there a lot of these are helpful for outdoor sports in general!

Soccer must haves for parents:

Cooler: Keep water, gatorade and snacks cool throughout the day.

Ice packs: To keep everything in the cooler, well cool haha

Bug Spray: Most fields are near a woods and as the sun goes down, the bugs come out!

Sunscreen for body and face: Don’t forget to keep reapplying this between games!

Personal rain tent: We don’t have this but I think it’s so cool. Soccer usually doesn’t stop when it rains so this is a great way to enjoy the game while staying dry!

Portable potty and tent: Most of the time, porta potties are the only option and they are NASTY. This isn’t a necessity (I haven’t pulled the trigger on one yet) but it would be a great option if the bathroom situation is disgusting.

Foldable bench: Somewhere for the players to sit when they’re not playing.

Pop up tent: Perfect for a “home base” or to kill time between games.

Water bottle: It gets HOT and you’ll want to make sure you keep your player and yourself hydrated.

Backpack: I brought my purse the first two games and realized I was vastly unprepared lol get yourself a good backpack with space to hold everything you need!

Baby wipes: Use these to wipe hands, faces, and possibly necessary if you get that portable potty!

Hand sanitizer: The porta potties did have sanitizer but you just feel gross.. so bring your own!

Fan with mister: Keep yourself and your player cool with a fan and mister.

Wagon: Trying to carry all of these things can be a challenge so grab one of these wagons to haul it all!

Waterproof blanket: Let the kids spread out and play with their toys, have a snack, etc.

Children’s pain reliever: Playing in the heat, injuries, etc.. have it on hand just in case.

Portable charging bank: My phone kept dying because I was using maps to get to locations, listening to Pandora, and taking videos and pictures. Bring this to stay charged!

Bluetooth speaker: Listen to music before and in-between games.

Foldable chair: You need somewhere to sit and these chairs are the best. Unless you’re like my husband and get too antsy and can’t sit…

Umbrella: Stay dry or stay cool when it’s too sunny.

Shoe deodorizer: Those player shoes get stinky, spray after games!

I hope this helps! Leave any questions below! xo



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