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14 small ways to say “I love you”

Zach and I made an agreement early in our relationship to not “go big” on Valentine’s Day. While some may argue it is or isn’t a legitimate holiday, we just didn’t feel we needed one day to say “I love you”. Sure, pink and red hearts and confetti spewed all over the place are super fun and festive, but it’s supposed to be the message behind it all right? That one person is your Valentine and to love and spoil them. And in my opinion, everyday… not just February 14th.
Anyways, it still feels good to be loved and “spoiled”, right? So I’ve come up with 14 small ways to say “I love you” by simply using the things you may have around your house. Or taking a quick trip to the store if you feel inclined to do so. Feel free to use them tomorrow or a random day… he’ll appreciate it either way 🙂


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1. Write a love note on the mirror in lipstick. Or dry erase marker. He’ll be surprised when he looks in the mirror in the morning and sees it!
2. Send him to work with a packed lunch and add a little love note inside. If he doesn’t bring lunch to work with him, surprise him at work and take him out for lunch instead.
3. Leave post-it love notes in his car.
4. Start his coffee for him in the morning. Even better, make him a to-go cup.
5. Pick out his outfit and say “I love how you look in this. Wear this today.” Of course you probably love the way he looks in everything but pick your favorite 😉
6. Make his favorite dinner and eat by candlelight. It’s never a bad idea to have a date night at home.
7. Let him choose the movie on Netflix. Or TV. If you like the same thing, great. If not, suck it up for one night.
8. Offer to rub his back and shoulders. I don’t touch feet so if you’re okay with that, that would be nice too. I’ll stick to the upper back though…
9. Doing their housework for them; maybe they normally take out the trash or do the dishes. Do it for them and give them a night off.
10. Make them a handmade card. Let that inner kindergartner out and get as fancy or messy as you want.
11. Plan a day doing his favorite things. Bike riding, four wheeling, sight seeing, or staying on the couch and binge watching The Blacklist. Whatever he likes to do, plan a whole day doing it.
12. Leave him “kisses” throughout the day. Aka leave Hershey Kisses in every place you know he will be that day. Bonus points for including a little note with each one.
13. Take some of your favorite pictures and frame them or make a make book. I’m sure Boudoir photos would be bonus points but hey, any pictures of you two would work just the same.
14. Just say “I love you” as many times as you can during the day. Kudos if you already do this but if not, say it more.
And there you have it. 14 little to no cost ways to say “I love you” to your Valentine. Hope you all have a splendid day 🙂 xoxo
How do you say “I love you”??? Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?





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