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DIY purse organizer from an old wipe case.

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We’re always on the go. Between school, classes, playdates, etc, we are always running around like chickens with our heads cut off. My purse has become quite the Mary Poppins bag; snacks, pens, money, wipes, diapers, etc. You name it, I probably have it in my bag. And of course when I need something, I can never find it. I rummage around, throwing things places and therefore losing or forgetting the next thing I’ll be looking for… #momlife.

We have also learned to be flexible and change plans when necessary. Between work and the kids, Pilot FriXion Erasable pens have become my absolute best friend. I’m kind of OCD about scratching things out in my planner and this has solved that problem! Change of plans? No problem, just erase it! Did I mention they ink comes out of clothes easily? I’m telling you, they’re a lifesaver.

I had an idea to organize my purse and in turn, be a more organized person. I had received a case similar to this for my baby shower and thought it was adorable! But you only need wipes for so long (thank God), and thought that I could use it to organize my pens and paper so I always know where they are in my purse.

They look a lot harder to make than they are, promise. You can actually skip a few steps and make it easier if you want, and I’ll explain that part when I get there.

So here we go… how to make your very own DIY purse organizer from an old wipe case.


Supplies-all purchased at Target:

Wipe case (I ended up switching to an old white case I had laying around because I didn’t like the red on the inside. Personal preference!)

Paper towels

Fabric (the fabric squares I got from Target were 22×18 and one was more than enough)


Hot glue gun and sticks


Mounting squares (optional)




Glue paper towels to top and bottom of case.


Measure a piece of fabric for top and bottom.


Glue down opposite corners (diagonally) and repeat.


Glue ribbon around top and bottom fabric edges.

FriXion erasable pens

Cut off any access




frixion erasable pens

Mount Post-Its to one side of case. (*Not necessary, most likely will shift and detach)


frixion erasable pens

Glue ribbon to opposite side to hang pens.






  1. Take two sheets of paper towels, fold them in half, and cut them to fit the top of the case.
  2. Using hot glue, glue on top of case. Repeat on bottom of case. Glue the pieces of paper towels together if loose.
  3. Trim off any access and around the corners.
  4. Cut a piece of fabric to fit top of case and then one for the bottom of the case. You want to be able to fold it slightly over but not to the point where it crosses the opening. Trim if necessary.
  5. Put a drop of glue on one corner and on the opposite corner (diagonally). Stretch the fabric to make sure it’s flat. Repeat with other two opposing corners.
  6. Repeat on bottom.
  7. Starting on the backside of the case, glue an end of ribbon and start to slowly make your way around the case. Tuck in the fabric as you glue and work slowly. Don’t rush, otherwise your ribbon will bunch or your fabric will stick out.
  8. Repeat on bottom.
  9. Using mounting squares, mount Post-its on one side of the case. As I found out, this step may be skipped because of the fact that they shift during movement and detach from the pack. Live and learn!
  10. On the opposite side, glue a piece of ribbon to hold your pens. Make sure you leave enough space for the pens by lifting up the ribbon and gluing the other end down.
  11. That’s it! You did it!

Super easy and so cute, right?! You can choose your fabric and ribbon to match your style and make one for every season if you wanted to!


Pilot has partnered with STOMP Out Bullying, the leading bullying and cyberbullying prevention organization. STOMP Out Bullying works to support and fund educational programs to prevent and reduce bullying in schools across the country. Pilot will be donating a minimum of $125,000 across 2015-2016 and if annual sales goals are succeeded, they will be donating even more! So by purchasing Pilot FriXion Erasable Pens, you’re helping to “erase” bullying and “rewrite” positive solutions.

A new school year means excitement but chaos. And if you’re going to have chaos, the best you can do is have organized chaos, right?!

How do you keep your purse clean? What type of pens do you prefer?

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