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I’ve seen a ton of things floating around Facebook with titles like “21 reasons summer sucks for anyone with big boobs” or “29 struggles that only people with big butts will understand“. Well since I fall into both of those categories, I agreed with every single one of the reasons on those lists and could probably add a few more. And then I decided I needed to add one more category to my body makeup in order to make sure we covered all the bases. Being short.
Yes, I realize 5’2” isn’t extremely short but it poses it’s own problems. 
I can’t reach anything above the stove or in the back of my cabinets without standing on a chair.
I still get a second look when I ride roller coasters.
Even with huge wedges, most maxi dresses I own need to be hemmed.
People can hold things above their heads and taunt me.
No one ever asks me to play basketball or volleyball (maybe that’s just because I suck though).
People always assume I’ll take the middle “bitch” seat when the car is full.
I have to pretty much be sitting against the steering wheel to reach the pedals.
No one can ever find me when we’re at a bar or on the dance floor.
Sometimes my shirts cover my shorts and I look half naked.
Most pants? Too long.
I’ve been called “bite-sized” and “fun-sized” before…
But at the same time, there are plenty of advantages of being short. Things like:
Child priced movie tickets? Sure! (Maybe not so much anymore but when I was younger, it never failed).
Airplane seating poses no problem whatsoever for me.
Short skirts are totally acceptable.
I’ve never had to worry about being taller than the guys I dated.
I could totally be a Kiowa pilot if I wanted to.
Hide and seek? No problem, I can fit almost anywhere.
I can wear any heels I want; the higher, the better.
All kidding aside, I actually don’t have a problem with my height. Now the big boobs and big butt thing? That’s a discussion for another day…
Bite-size, out.


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