To my Dad.

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It’s hard to believe I’m a parent isn’t it? I can still remember fishing off the dock at the nursery with you or looking for you in the stands at my dance competitions. You were always my biggest fan and to this day, I can say you probably still are.

As I grow older, I find more and more similarities between you and I. Everyone in our family could be watching the same movie and we are the only two to cry at the end. We both have a passion for photography and creativity. We’re both stubborn, tough, kind, and compassionate. And you’ve always been someone I can turn to through the good, bad, and in between.

You were tough on me growing up, but not in a bad way. You wanted the best for me and you molded me into the woman I am today. You gave me “tough love” when I needed it and you knew when to make a joke and laugh with me. You talked me through breakups, milestones, and decisions. And I always cherished your advice and more importantly, your willingness to listen without judgment.


I’ll never forget when you dropped me off at college. And you texted me a few days later and told me you heard Kelly Clarkson’s “Break Away”, the same song that I can remember crying to as we were driving down there. It was scary to think that I was “on my own”. That I wouldn’t see you and Mom everyday and that I wouldn’t have anyone to turn to if something went wrong. But I couldn’t have been more wrong about that. You were always there for me, no matter the distance or situation. And because we’re so alike, I knew that you would be there for me over anyone.

I didn’t get the big wedding that most girls get. Which looking back is probably a good thing, because I don’t think either of us would have made it through the Father-Daughter dance without crying our eyes out. You’ve always been someone I’ve looked up to and admired and someone I’ve trusted, when at times I thought there was no one else I could trust. Our relationship may have been rocky at points during the past 28 years, but I’m thankful for where it is today. The past is in the past and although we both know there are things we wish we could erase, they’ve brought us to the point we are now and it’s nothing but good.


I just want to thank you for being you. For being a friend and a Dad. For teaching me the importance of working hard, but reminding me to laugh and enjoy the ride. For educating me on good music, yelling at the TV with me when Cleveland sports let us down, and for giving me the opportunities I’ve had. For encouraging me to follow my dreams and always do what makes me happy.



Thank you for being a wonderful Papa to my babies. And I can only hope to give them the opportunities and guidance you gave me growing up. There is no one else in the world I would pick to have as their Papa.

Thanks for being you and for being my dad.



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