Who run the world? BABIES.

Not going to lie, I got the title for this post from my good friend Catalyn who also just welcomed her baby girl into the world a few weeks before I did. She’s one of the few crazies awake in the middle of the night when I’m nursing P and we’ve found comfort in being able to text each other and keep each other alert!
But as we were talking about it the other day on Twitter, she referred to the Beyonce song “Girls” and replaced “girls” with “babies”. And boy is that the damn truth. She cries, I feed her. She whines, I change her. She wants held, I pick her up. And the list goes on…
Here are a few ways how babies run my life:
“Oh what’s that mom? You just sat down to eat dinner? Well too bad for you because I’M HUNGRY AND I NEED TO EAT NOW.”
“Woah daddy, I don’t know why you’re trying to kiss mommy or snuggle her right now because I NEED SNUGGLED so you need to get away and stop touching her.”
“I don’t really feel like letting you shop, so I think you should probably feed me in the backseat of the car now.”
Have you ever watched poop come out of a person’s butt? Because I have… #momlife.
Don’t even get me started on leaking through my bra and clothes. It happened while I walked through airport security one time and I had no idea… so…embarrassing..
Oh and boobs are no longer a sexual thing. In any way, shape, or form. They are strictly a food source and we always joke that the babies have more access to them than my husband. But really, it’s not a joke. 100% truth.
“I’m mad at you because you’re trying to make me put pants on and told me to stop climbing on the table. THE WORLD IS OVER!!!!!”
“Oh you say I can’t have that toy? Well I’m not leaving this store until I get it. Or that chocolate bar. Take your pick.”
But my favorite? 
“Mommy, play with hair?” Yes you can, baby boy. I will let you play with my hair all day.


“Mommy, hold my hand?” Don’t have to ask me twice. Give me that little chubby hand now.


“Mommy, snuggle me?” Forever, Little One. Forever.


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