Mistresses= Not Cool.

In case you haven’t heard of the new show on ABC “Mistresses”, I’m going to talk about it for a second. No I didn’t watch it and yes, it’s about exactly what the title would sound like it’s about; slutty women who happen to be mistresses to married men. I am so disgusted by this show and it’s premise that I felt I needed to dedicate a blog post to it. But more so, because I have a friend living this show in real life as we speak.
I can’t stand cheaters. I don’t see the reason to cheat; if you’re that unhappy, then end your relationship and save all parties involved the heartbreak that comes with an affair. I just don’t get it. But regardless of how I feel, I know it happens everyday and there’s nothing I can personally do to stop others from doing it. However, I can voice my opinion on it because well, it’s my blog and I’ll do as I see fit. 
Even worse than actually committing the act of cheating? Joking about it, lying about it, and glorifying it. Do you think it’s a joke? Do you think it’s funny? Do you feel good about yourself knowing that you were the “other woman”? Especially if the man stays with his wife and works through his moment of weakness. Does it make you feel better to continue to bring pain to their lives? 
Recently, this “other woman” has gone off the deep end and tried to turn the situation around on my friend. It sickens me and pains me as I watch this home wrecker try and inflict more pain on the one who doesn’t deserve anymore of it. Now I am in NO way excusing my friend’s husband, as he is just as guilty as she is. However, he has apologized to his wife and tried to do everything in his power to make amends for what he’s done. I’m not disagreeing or agreeing with my friend for staying with her husband, as that is a personal decision that they chose together. 
However, the “other woman” has done nothing but flaunt her adulterous act and try and boost her own self esteem by bringing down others. In the end, karma will come around and bite her in the ass, and when it does, I hope it bites hard. Even worse? She has people behind her who are supportive of her behavior and actions. In my opinion, there is NEVER an excuse for lying or cheating OR supporting someone who does those things. People make mistakes but making the same mistakes over and over again and being proud of something of this magnitude? Trashy, not classy ladies. 
To the “other woman” I’m referring to: I hope you’re ashamed of what you’ve done and what you’re continuing to do. I hope you know that bad things happen to bad people and eventually, karma will be a bigger biatch than his wife ever could be. I pray for you, that you find the soul you seemed to have lost and carry on with your own life like my friend and her family are trying to do. And stop flaunting the fact that you had an affair… I don’t know what delusional planet you’re living on but it’s NOT cool.
{end rant}
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