My favorite Spring Break destination.

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Spring Break senior year of high school was epic. Sure, I went on some other great trips to some pretty great places, but I don’t think anything could have topped Cancun, Mexico.
My friend and I went with my parents but a ton of other people from my high school had ironically picked the same place to go! So of course, we hung out with them most of the time. (Which now that I’m a mom, I’m totally dreading my kids doing to me…) Anyways..
We had the most amazing time. We spent the days laying on the beach with a drink in hand (we were legally allowed to drink there at 18… holla!) and spent the nights at the shows, clubs, and restaurants.
It was the perfect mix of calm and crazy; we could go snorkeling, tour the beautiful Isla de Mujeres and relax by the beach or pool during the day. And at night, we could go buckwild at the clubs and witness some of the most amazing shows I’ve ever seen.
It was also fun for everyone in our group. We were 18 but my brother and his friends were younger. And obviously, my parents were older. Such a huge gap between all of us, but yet we found activities we could all enjoy together and separately. We took a snorkeling tour, rode banana boats, and rented a golf cart to tour Isla de Mujeres. We also took the craziest cab ride of my life, watched sea turtles on the beach at night, and ate our body weight in authentic chips and salsa.
One of my absolute favorite things to do there was one of the Party Hopper options. You pay one fee and get into a ton of the clubs. Not to mention you get a personal bartender, V.I.P entrance/tables, and so much more. It’s the best value and makes your life ten times easier.. I highly recommend it! We had so much fun bouncing around to some of the clubs, my favorites being Coco Bongo, Señor Frogs, and The City.
Cancun is also one of the most affordable destinations I’ve ever been to. Whether you choose the restaurants at your resort or venture out for chain or authentic cuisine, you will be eating and drinking well. And let’s be honest, you can live on salsa and chips and Margaritas, right? I totally could.
Everyone needs a spring break. Summer vacations are great and all but after a long winter, there’s no better place to be than the beach. Be sure to check out this Spring Break quiz and find out where your perfect spring destination is! After taking the quiz, it looks like it’s time to start planning my next trip to Cancun, Mexico! Viva Wynham Maya.. I hope to be seeing you soon!
Where’s your favorite Spring Break destination? Any recommendations?




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