How to keep your closet organized

Let’s just go ahead and get this out there… I’m a fashion hoarder. I hate getting rid of things and always find some reason or another to keep everything I own. My weight has fluctuated a lot since having kids and because of that, I’ve had to buy a ton of new clothes at the various stages. And then once I lose the weight or gain it, I get rid of them.
In our last house, I took up the entire master bedroom closet. Zach? Well he took the playroom closet/part of Nolan’s closet. And even then, I didn’t have room to keep everything! When I was younger, I remember my mom having us rotate summer and winter clothes. But since Georgia is crazy when it comes to weather and I find ways to wear summer clothes in winter and vice versa, all of my clothes are out all year round. Except for bulky sweatshirts… those get packed away until needed.
But in our new house, we have a bigger closet in our room! Yes, I let Z back in, but I secretly wish I could steal his side and make it my own little dressing space. More on that another day!
We plan on adding built-in storage down the road but for now, we are going with what’s in there.
So how do I stay organized? I think the #1 thing would be color coding. To my best ability of course. Obviously some things are multi color and could go either way, but I put things based on what the most dominant color is. For example, I have a pair of cream pants with blue and green on them, so I stick them in cream section. They are predominantly cream and I would match a top based on that factor.
When it comes to prints, I do the same thing. I look at the main color of the item and put it in it’s respective place. I have a section at the end of my blacks because apparently I like black and prints a lot 😉
My shoes are a disaster right now. I need to find a way to store all of them and I may not have a full solution until we build built-in storage. But for now, I am sticking them wherever there’s a place. Racks, cubes, cubbies… you name it. SO maybe shoe organization is where I lack knowledge…
Purses are on the top shelf. At our previous house, I was only able to keep some on hooks and the rest were shoved in the back. At least here, I can see what I have and choose accordingly. I don’t switch my purse out too often but looking at this makes me want to! I keep clutches or smaller bags underneath so I can see them (and reach them) and they don’t fall through.
My dresser drawers are where I keep leggings, nice tees, tank tops, sleepwear, and bras/underwear. I was keeping jeans in there too but then it got way too crowded and I decided to hang them up in the closet… for now. I may create a space for them when we get to the built-in storage or decide to throw them on the top shelf once I find all of them (some are still packed)!
T-shirts for the gym are in piles underneath the back section of my closet. And I have way too many. I plan on putting the vintage ones from high school and college in the attic and just keeping a small stack to rotate through the week. For now, I threw my shorts on the top shelf. I plan to get baskets to keep them in but throw me a bone, I’ve only been here two weeks!
Of course this is going to vary from person to person, but I would say the main thing to staying organized is color coding. It makes my life SO much easier to walk in there and find exactly what I am looking for. I know if I need a tank top, it will be in the second drawer. If I need leggings, they’ll be in the third drawer. And if I want a pink top, it will be in the pink section in my closet. Etc…etc…
So there you have it! That’s how I stay organized 🙂 Check back next week for how I keep my accessories organized.. hint… they have their own space!
How do you do it?! How do you keep everything in order?





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