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With so much tragedy surrounding us recently, it’s not until it hits close to home that we really understand how life changing it can be. From recent bombings to tornadoes and more, our world seems to have tragedy sitting close by at all times. A close friend of mine, basically my sister, has had tragedy strike closer to home than she ever thought possible, and today I’d like to share that story with you.

The scene of the accident; via 14 News.
A family friend of hers, Caleb Dance, was in a motorcycle accident on April 9th, 2013 at 11:28 a.m. He was rushed to Methodist Hospital in Henderson, KY, only to be transferred to St. Mary’s Medical Center in Evansville, IN due to substantial injuries and their inability to give him the attention he needed. Once arriving at St. Mary’s, he underwent surgery on his stomach, broken arm and broken leg, careful not to cause any more swelling to the brain then there already was. After surgery, his survival rate was unknown and they quoted him 24 hours to live.

With other procedures ranging from skin graphs, to draining of his brain, feeding tubes, and reconstructive elbow surgery, Caleb continued to fight each and every day. After two weeks of a medically induced coma, he finally woke up to a long journey of rehabilitation in front of him. To be honest with you, Caleb is so lucky to be alive right now, but now he needs our help.

His mother, Rhonda and father, Gary have been so supportive from the beginning. Barely leaving Caleb’s side, Rhonda says “Everyday he gets better. I’m giving him all the credit, ’cause he’s doing this himself.” Gary said ” I remember seeing Caleb immediately after his wreck on that table, and look at him now. Yes, he is a miracle.”

After two weeks of a medically induced coma, the swelling had gone down enough to wake him.
Although his journey has proved to be a successful one thus far, it is far from over. Caleb was transferred to Health South Rehabilitation Center in Evansville, IN where he attended physical, mental, and speech therapy twice a day. His left side was still paralyzed upon arrival and unfortunately, he’s left handed and this has been a huge struggle as you can imagine. On May 9th, he was able to move his left leg for the first time since the accident and a day later, took 3 steps with an assisted walker… he’s a fighter for sure!
To date, Caleb has had 10 surgeries and 30 pints of blood transferred. He recently headed back to Indianapolis for follow up appointments and possible surgeries. “I’m a fighter and I won’t stop” says Caleb. “God was over my shoulders in the instance of that accident.” And here’s how you all can help:
Prayers: Caleb and his family have been through SO much and could really use all the prayers they can get right now. 
Cards: Caleb would love notes of encouragement, Get Well Soon cards, or any type of little pick me up note. Letters can be sent to Allison, who will then deliver them to Caleb at the hospital:
Allison Sauer
Attn: Caleb Dance
7079 Pruitt Agnew Rd
Henderson, KY 42420
Monetary Donations: My best friend, Allison, has set up a PayPal account for Caleb if you’re interested in donating. She has opened a Fifth Third Bank account in Henderson, KY in which the PayPal money will be transferred. If you’d like to verify all of this information, you can call Amanda Jackson at 270-831-6660 at Fifth Third Bank and tell her it is in regards to the Caleb Dance Fund. The PayPal email address is: [email protected]
Not only is the family struggling to cover the costs from the previous hospital stays, surgeries, and other medical bills, but they have a long and bumpy financial road ahead of them. Any money they receive from donations will be put towards past and future medical bills. 
I’m bringing this story to your attention because I know how supportive the blogging community is. Allison is like my sister and although I do not know Caleb personally, I can tell from her stories and his progress thus far that he in an amazing individual. Anything you can do to lessen their load a little bit would be greatly appreciated. Whether it’s a few dollars, or a card, or just a ton of prayers, they can’t thank you enough for your support in this matter.

Headed to Indy for appointments..smile on his face and all!
Here’s to Caleb continuing his amazing progress and fully recovering! We’re thinking of you Caleb! 


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