Diary of a Mad Army Woman

It might come as a shock to those of you who don’t deal with it on a daily basis, but the United States Army is the most unorganized and inefficient organization I have ever come across in my life. For the the sacrifices and hard work our spouses put into their jobs, they just get spat on by the Army. Seriously, slapped across the face.

After serving an honorable tour in Afghanistan defending our country, he’s done nothing even remotely worth his while since being back. I don’t know who is making the calls but there needs to be some serious changes made in how these soldiers spend their time and energy.

I respect the soldiers and am so thankful that people like that still exist in the world. However, whoever is running this shit show of an Army needs to prioritize. Do these soldiers have a family? Is this really necessary? Instead of making these guys sit in a room or out in a field, why don’t we send them home? Maybe if they said these things out loud, they would realize the answers make a lot of sense.

I know my voice is nothing compared to the command, and I sure as hell don’t know how to run an Army. But I do have common sense, I care about the feelings of others, and I have so much respect for the people risking their lives for our country. Maybe they should too.

And once again, for those who haters who think we as Army wives chose this lifestyle, think again. I chose to marry an honorable man that I love deeply and will continue to support, I did not choose to be apart more often than we are together. I did not choose to worry everyday that he will come home with orders to deploy. I did not choose to raise our children alone. I did not choose to not be able to talk to him when I want to.

If you think I did, shame on you. No one knows what this lifestyle is like unless you’ve lived it. It takes a strong woman to do this, but even the strongest of women get tired of running the show.

Here’s to finding the strength within…




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