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Sleeping in silence is for the birds.

I received this product and compensation in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed are my own. 
Well, any silence really. Period. I hate it; I was that girl that studied with music on, has the TV on while eating every meal, and needs a fan while sleeping. But as you can imagine, sleeping with a fan on during the winter months isn’t exactly the healthiest option. Or most convenient. But what’s a girl to do? I NEED the noise!
So when I was offered the opportunity to receive and review the Dohm by Marcpac, I jumped at the chance immediately. The Dohm creates natural white noise (like a fan) that helps babies (and clearly adults) fall asleep and stay asleep. This thing is a lifesaver, I kid you not! I honestly can’t fall asleep without it now and it has provided me and my son the ability to fall asleep so easily 🙂
The best part about it? It runs on a continuous cycle using electromechanical technology, unlike other sound machines that run on a digital loop and turn off after a period of time. I have used other sound machines that turn off on a timer and as soon as they turn off, I wake up. Hence why I love the Dohm!
Because it’s so small and lightweight, it’s super easy to take anywhere we go! I literally can’t sleep without it now and it’s the first thing I pack when vacationing. And the first thing I unpacked in our new home.
If you’re looking for a reasonably priced sound machine and are sick of sleeping next to a  huge fan, I highly recommend this!  And if you have problems sleeping and have never considered trying something like this, it may be the answer to your prayers!
You can read more about it on the Marcpac Facebook page or join in the conversation on Twitter, #serioussleep.


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