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Thrifted fall fashion.

Happy Saturday friends! Today I have a super special post for you from a thrifting genius, Addie from Old World New. Seriously, she finds the best things! I’ll let her talk all about her favorite finds and fall fashion 🙂

Fall is the time when we prove how fashionable we really are, or so I’ve been told. I used to hate fall and winter, simply because I don’t like being cold (I’ve had my heater on at work for the majority of October already. It’s serious). As a result, I dressed like a I was constantly in the midst of a blizzard – bundled and with no care for how I looked. This year, I’m taking a different approach to it. I’m going to make Fall and Winter style my… boo! (Halloween pun intended). I’m an avid thrifter, and believe that reuse is a great way to help preserve our earth and create a healthier environment. I also like a lot of trendy items, though. Therefore, I combine them, and the results are amazing. So if you have an inkling to go thrifting, here are some ways you can make thrifted and trendy fashion work seamlessly together.

Thrifted Sweaters and Coats

Sweaters and vintage coats are some of my favorite thrift store finds, they are so abundant! It helps that old/vintage sweaters with irregular prints are back in style. My favorite way to style a thrifted sweater is casually with a pair of skinny jeans and booties. I love vintage outerwear because it looks very regal and can instantly make your outfit extremely classy.

thrifted sweater

Thrifted Vintage Coat with Fur

Thrifted Vintage Coat

Statement Pieces

Thrift stores are chock full of unique clothing items that no one around you will ever own, if you have the luck of being able to fit them. These unique pieces make for great fashion statements, and really bring a new life to regular outfits. It is so easy to pull out a lot of your staple neutral pieces and mix them with a bold statement piece, like this thrifted skirt paired with all black items from my closet.

Thrifted Skirt with F21 Sweater

Thrifted Skirt + Neiman Marcus Shirt

Thrifted Dresses

One of my absolute favorite items to thrift, no matter the season, is a dress. You’d be surprised the type of designer dresses you can thrift for much less than the retail price. With it being fall, it is great to pair your dress with a new pair of booties and maybe tights if it is cold enough.

Thrifted Dress + New Booties

Thrifted Sweater Dress

Isn’t she fabulous?? You can go follow her here and visit her here… thanks Addie!




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