Why you should visit Salem, MA in November

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I’ve now visited Salem, Massachusetts in every season and I can tell you, each one is magical. Because the city of Salem is just magical in itself. But fall is my favorite time of the year and since I had visited previously in September and October, I was super excited to visit in November and see how it compared. Halloween is absolute madness in Salem as you can probably guess, and although I’ve never been on actual Halloween, I’ve been in October and it’s a very different experience than September. Now that I’ve been in November, I wanted to share why you should visit Salem, MA in November.

If you’re looking for stunning New England foliage and weather, November is still a great time to visit. At least early November which is when I was there! Now of course, weather can be unpredictable so just because it was perfect weather this year doesn’t mean it will always be perfect in November. But in my opinion, I was still able to get those fall vibes without the crowds of October. The crowds in October, especially during the weekends, are record-breaking. You need reservations, you’re going to wait in lines, public restrooms are far and few between, and you will be shoulder-to-shoulder people. And although I was a little surprised to still see some crowds on the days I was there, it was nothing compared to October.

People also love to visit Salem in October because of the “spooky vibes”. I wasn’t sure if there would still be Halloween decor up when I was there in November (I was there November 5th-8th) but to my surprise, there was still a ton of decor out at businesses and residences. To be honest, you can get a spooky vibe all year round but if you’re looking for the Halloween decor and feels, early November is still a great time to get all of that! The orange lights from Hubie Halloween were also still on in the Common and this is one of the most magical parts about visiting during the fall. So I was so happy to see they were still glowing!

Because October is so busy, it can put a damper on doing and seeing all of the things you’d like to. November was the perfect opportunity for me to experience new things! Because despite having visited Salem almost a dozen times at this point, there are still things I haven’t done and seen. Here were a few of the new experiences I tried this time:

Broom making at the Witchery. I have heard so many people talk about broom making and bookbinding at The Witchery and never had a chance to experience it. After doing it, I highly recommend it- so much fun! We did broom making;  You can choose from 3 different sizes of handles depending on how big or small you’d like your broom. You then get a chance to pick out the broomcorn, add a splash of color if you’d like, grab accessories (charms, bones, ribbons, dried flowers and more!) and then, you’ll put it all together! They walk you through the process and when you’re all finished, you’ll leave with a unique souvenir to remember your time in Salem! I shipped mine home from UPS and they are prepared with the box you need and know exactly how to package it up!

Local Lore by Candlelight at The Daniel’s House: This wasn’t a new experience for me but it’s an absolute MUST whenever I have the chance! The Daniel’s House is one of the oldest homes in Salem; it’s a fully functioning inn (and actually someone’s full time home as well!) but they also offer a variety of tours to immerse yourself in history. You truly experience what it would have been like to live during the times of the witch trials. Vijay has been my tour guide both times and I cannot say enough good things about him. He is knowledgeable, passionate, and his energy is contagious. I could honestly sit and listen to him for hours! On this specific visit, we sat by candlelight in the original part of the home and Vijay shared all sorts of stories and tales. This is 100% an absolute must-do when visiting Salem!

Professor Spindlewick’s World of Wizadry: Another new to me experience was Professor Spindlewick’s World of Wizardry; an interactive experience in which you’ll go on a journey through different realms and experience creatures, caverns, enchantments and more! I was kidless this trip but they would have loved it! But it’s great for adults and kids alike!

Black Veil Studio: I’ve heard so many things about Black Veil and because it’s not within walking distance, I’ve never had a chance to visit. I am SO glad my friend had a car and we were able to make the trip because there honestly aren’t words to describe how incredible this place is. It’s a tattoo shop but it also features an amazing collection of retail out front. Cards, photos, jewelry, curiosities, clothing and more. But not only that, the decor is unmatched…I want to live there! It’s called Black Veil because it’s the “veil between two worlds” and you truly feel like you’re transported to a different world. Obsessed and cannot wait to go back again.

Medium reading at Ascend: Ascend is my home away from home and I typically do an Aura reading every time I visit. But this time, I decided to try something different and have a mediumship reading with Lynn. She honestly blew me away. I wont’ get too deep into this because readings are very personal and you need to feel a connection with the reader (you may not even believe in mediumship and that’s totally your prerogative!) but I had an amazing experience and I would definitely do another one with her! But if anything, do an aura reading when you are there. It is so much fun to see your aura colors and you leave with a beautiful polaroid souvenir as well!

All Souls Lounge: All Souls Lounge is a bar and restaurant known for their vintage inspired cocktails and amazing grilled cheese sandwiches. Because I’m gluten-free, I just assumed I could never experience the world-renowned deliciousness. I WAS WRONG. They offer gluten-free bread and vegan cheese and they are SO GOOD. I am dreaming of my next one already! But don’t take my word for it, stop in for yourself and try one out!

Salem Night Tour: I’ve taken a lot of different tours when visiting because I learn something new every time. Salem has such a rich history, and not just because of the Salem Witch Trials. I highly recommend taking a tour on the first day of your visit so you can get a little background, get a lay of the land, and then find out which places and areas you’d like to explore a bit more! The Salem Night Tour was great; there’s something spooky about touring the streets of Salem at night and our guide was super knowledgable!

Where to stay: This trip was also extra exciting because I was invited to stay at the Salem Waterfront Hotel and Suites for the first time! The location is perfection; it’s located in Pickering Wharf so you are surrounded by shops and restaurants, but it’s also in walking distance to Essex street and other notable locations. Their fourth floor was recently renovated and the rooms are STUNNING! The nautical theme is perfect for the location of the hotel and everything was so chic. Not to mention the beds were absolutely one of the most comfortable beds I’ve ever slept in! Other amenities include a pool (my kids would have loved this!), a fitness center, and Regatta Pub, which is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The pub also has a patio weather-permitting!

Salem has my heart any time of the year but November was such a fun time to visit. Have I convinced you to visit Salem, MA in November yet? Time to book a trip! If you still have questions or need recommendations, leave me a comment below! I also recommend stopping by Destination Salem during your visit and their website as you begin to plan your trip! Xo!


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  • Alyssa

    Adding Salem to my list! I’ve only ever visited Boston/Cambridge in Massachusetts, but next time I need to hop on a train out of the city, because this looks like such a unique city to explore. Thanks for sharing!

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