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Hello, 2024.

Remember when this space used to be a personal journal? Before sponsored posts, affiliate programs, and “influencers”, this space was a journal. It was somewhere to sit down and brain dump; it was how I was coping with the emotions of sending my husband (newlywed) to Afghanistan while simultaneously growing a human. Oh, how things have changed! That little human I was growing? He turned 12 a few weeks ago. TWELVE! I can’t even wrap my head around how fast time is going and it’s true what they say. Time moves more quickly when you have kids. And while I wish there was a way to slow it down, I know it’s out of my control and there’s nothing I can do but try and soak up every little minute of it I can.

What else has changed since I started blogging in 2011? Well, we’re no longer a military family and truthfully, it’s a blessing in disguise. I had no idea what being a military family meant or looked like and while I am thankful for some of the experiences we had during those 7 years, I am relieved it’s just a part of our past. Z took a job with the VA so it was a great transition and he continues to grow and excel in his field. I won’t sugarcoat things and say the transition to civilian life was the easiest but he’s been out for almost 7 years now so it’s just a blip of the past at this point!

I’m a mom of 3 and you can find me in the car at all times. We’re constantly chauffeuring the kids to sports, after-school clubs, friends’ houses, and social events. The family calendar is chock full of important dates and our weekends are dedicated to basketball and cheer (at the moment). But I absolutely wouldn’t have it any other way- as long as my kids love what they do, I will continue to support them and be the loudest one in the stands!

As for me, I’m approaching my 37th birthday and I cannot believe I’m that old. And yes, I know 37 is that old but it sometimes still feels like I’m in high school and be-bopping around in my Chevy Malibu, “Mali”. Although my back and neck would beg to differ every day when I get out of bed. But I like to think I’m young at heart! Speaking of heart, I was diagnosed with POTS 2 years ago and I’ve been learning to live with it ever since. I can manage mine with lifestyle changes and so far, medication hasn’t been needed. It’s just something I have, not something that defines me, which I am thankful for because I know it’s debilitating for others. I continue to see a team of cardiologists and specialists to monitor but happy to report, no changes and no new news- which is good news!

The older I get, the more I’ve been paying attention to my health, both mentally and physically. The holiday season has been a little bit of a setback (I think a lot of people can relate to this!) but I am ready to start the year off strong. I want to focus on nourishing my body with what it wants and needs, eliminating diet culture and focusing on intuitive eating, and getting back to a place where physical activity is a daily, non-negotiable commitment. I’m still obsessed with my Peloton and hope to start back up slowly this week. Baby steps!

We’ve got a lot of fun trips and travel planned for 2024, both for cheer competitions and family travel. But at the same time, we don’t have much planned for this summer which is nice. Believe it or not, this fall-loving girl has actually enjoyed summer for the past couple of years. I love the simplicity of the kids sleeping in; no packing lunches, alarm clocks, or the hustle and bustle of getting out the door. Taking the boat out on weeknights or spending hours on end at the pool. Just slow days and nights and spending quality time with each other and other family and friends.

I’ve fallen shorts on a few habits that I set in place last year and was doing well with at some points but recently have completely let fall to the wayside.

-Not checking my phone first thing when I wake up.

-Not making working out a priority.

-Working from dawn til dusk.

-Spending too much on DoorDash and eating out.

-Letting messes and clutter pile up.

And while I don’t really make new years resolutions, I did make a list of my ins and outs for 2024 and a lot of these things were on the list. I just want to be a better human and live a simple life with an abundance of love and happiness. So that’s what we’re shooting for this year!

What can you expect around these parts? Well, first and foremost, using it more! I plan to share a lot of our travels and things we do, to help others plan and enjoy but also so we can look back on all the fun we had.

I will be sharing more of my journey- what I’m doing as I practice more self-care and inner work.

My favorites- places to travel, things I love around the house, clothing I’m loving, etc.

Just more of a life dump. Do I care if anyone reads it or not? To be honest, not really. I’m more so doing this for me because writing is my passion and I want to get more intentional about doing it. And while yes, I have a journal for the really deep and personal stuff, I want to be able to look back on it here too.

So buckle up! Let’s do this, 2024.



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