Growing up.

I read this article the other day and it brought tears to my eyes. Blame the hormones, or blame it on being a mom in general. But it suddenly hit me that this could be it. We could be done having kids…
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Before having children, I always said I wanted three or four. Then after the first one, we said we would see how it went after the first two. And the past few weeks, my answer has been NEVER again! But put aside the sleepless nights, breastfeeding all day, and the billions of dirty diapers, and I can’t convince myself I’m done yet. I just can’t.

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These two little humans have given my life meaning. I know, it sounds kind of pathetic to say that but it’s absolutely true. I love my husband to pieces and he knows that, but the love for a child is a completely different kind of love. It consumes you. These little people are completely reliable on you. You’re their everything and it’s an unconditional love unlike anything ever experienced. And little do they know it, but we parents need them just as much as they need us. 
As I stare at my two year old and my almost two month old, it’s still hard to believe that they’re my kids. I still picture myself as a crazy twenty-something who is still just a big kid herself. Answering to “mommy” and being the one they need and depend on is seriously the greatest gift I could have ever received. And although sometimes I have hard days where I want to rip my hair out and cry and scream out of frustration, there’s nothing better than watching my little ones grow and discover the world around them.

So will we have more kids? Who knows. I’m not ruling it out just yet and although my husband would like to purge the house of the baby crap and clothes, we’re going to keep it around for a few more years until we are absolutely sure. 
When Nolan was born, my mother-in-law told Z and I that time goes a lot faster when you have children and she couldn’t have been more right. Time seems to just fly by and it’s partly my fault.
“I wish Paislee would go to sleep so I can get some rest myself.” “I wish Nolan would just learn to use the potty.” “I can’t wait until he can do this or that on his own.” And the list goes on and on…
But every time they do something for the first time on their own, it’s also the last time they’re going to need my help doing it. Soon enough, he’s not going to need me to put on his diaper or get him juice after nap time. He’s going to stop napping and start going to school. He’s going to go to school and play sports after school. He’s going to go to sporting events with his friends and then out to parties. He’s going to grow up, right before my eyes. 
But I guess that’s a part of having children, right? That eventually they grow up and leave the house. And as much as it pains me to think of that day coming, I know it’s going to be awhile until that happens. 
So for now, I’m going to cherish the times she doesn’t want me to put her down. Or the times that he wants to play with my hair in order to fall asleep. I’m going to smile as I pick up countless toys throughout the day and let the kids stay up “five more minutes” when they’re fighting me for bedtime. These are the moments that one day, I’m going to miss. These are the moments I won’t get back and the moments I need to cherish now. 
Hearing these babies laugh, run, and play, or say “I love you mommy”, well that’s the best thing in the whole world. Who needs a clean or quiet house when you can listen to that all day instead?
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    You are so right! There are so many times when I catch myself wishing that Eli would just ___ already, but then I realize that once he does, that is one more milestone we will never get back! Your kiddos are ADORABLE. Seriously. That shirt Nolan is wearing is sooo stinking cute!

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    could not be a better post ! i look at lily and think holy crap…i'm a mom and this is probably the best it's ever going to get in life ( with that exception of having more kids too down the road ha ) . Ohhh and as far as fabulous outfits i love the cutest kid onesie or the lovely one :)

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    I love this post! I'm pregnant with our second right now and find myself thinking NO MORE!! And then I get weepy because how could I not want more?! It is so true that the love we have for our children is the most precious and all-consuming kind of love there is. :)

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    I love the Love God. Love People shirts, so probably that for one of my kids. I want a baby so bad with patrick, but between us we already have 4 kids. I think part of me wants that experience with him, and I'm a little sad I won't get it.

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    I think I'd get the castle one for Maddie and the Mad Scientist one for Fin. It's hard to choose because they're all super cute!

    Also, I feel the same way about that little article. Like, I know that we're done but I wouldn't be upset in the slightest if a little surprise happened. My kids drive me nuts but they're the best things EVER.

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    This post is right on. It's so hard to balance savoring your children and wanting some of your freedoms back.

    My hubs and I are done having kids (5 is enough!), but making it medically impossible was a very tough decision to make. There are days we think maybe we could have had just one more, and then there are days we say "what were we thinking going back to square one when the boys were all self-sufficient?" ( there's 6 years between our daughter & youngest sons). Every day has it's ups and downs, but the rewards far outweigh the pitfalls. Every time my little girl tells me "you the best mommy, evwer!", it makes it all worthwhile.

    I love the Arrows little sister shirt for M & the if you mustache big brother shirt for our younger boys. Our 14 yo would kill me if I tried to put him in that!!! He's way too cool for that stuff now, it really does go too fast!!!!

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    You are such a beautiful woman inside and out. You are so right, being a mom is the toughest job, but most rewarding!! These little nuggets of ours NEED us and we need them. Keep enjoying the moments…the good and the not so good!! And just for the record….two was all I could handle!! LOL! :)

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    I'm not a mom yet, but I do have three little nephews and it breaks my heart a little to see them keep growing. I'm so proud of how smart and funny those boys are, but I wish I could keep them little forever! And I know I'll feel the same conflicting emotions when I have kids of my own. Time just goes by soooo quickly!

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    awe I love this post, i can't wait to have those moments soon. I thought i'd always have four kids, but i'm not even into having my first yet and i'm ready to be done being pregnant. i'm sure i'll sway the other way once they are here no doubt. and the fox onesie would be perfect for the little babe!

    thanks for sharing dear.

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    I love this post :) And I agree! It's nice to be cuddled and loved and needed! We started out saying only two, but now it's like…LET'S HAVE A BILLION. 😀 Babies are awesome that way.

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    I am struggling with the fact that we are done having kids. My oldest is in middle school (WHAT?!?!?) and my youngest in kindy. Due to health issues while preg-o (pre-eclampsia in both pregnancies), we decided to get my tubes tied. I miss the sweet baby stage, but I love that my kids are pretty independent. At least I will have a great-niece or nephew in August to spoil and love on!!!!

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    " that sentence right there really stood out to me. So true. Makes me think about that even now. I don't want to rush those moments I have now, even on the rough days. Because one day they won't happen anymore. Love this, girl.

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    My husband did sell all of my son's baby clothes and we're selling other baby stuff as C grows out of it. While he admits that we will probably have another baby in a few years, he doesn't want to hang on to everything. It's really hard watching my kids stuff go bye bye. I cry when I put their stuff in storage because they've grown out of it!

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    I can completely commiserate! Sometimes it's a bit surreal to hear two tiny people call me mom. And as much as I want to rip my hair out some days, many days I think about having more children. I'm cray!

    Love the clothing! Your cuties are so photogenic! I'd get anything with a mustache on it if I won the gviveaway :)

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    How right you are!! Although we are done having kids, I still get that longing some days for another little one to run around. Even on the days when the two year old is on my last nerve and the four year old throws in her two cents, as well!

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    I love the heart onesie :-) And I can't imagine time going any faster than it is right now! Even being pregnant makes the weeks FLY by. It's so crazy! I, for one, hope you have more kids… they're so stinkin' adorable.

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