Buddy the Elf, what’s your favorite Christmas movie?

With Christmas only 20 days away (YES), I teamed up with one of the cutest little bloggers in Blogland to bring you our top 3 favorite Christmas movies. Nothing gets me in the Christmas spirit like sitting in front of the lit tree, sipping hot chocolate and watching these flicks:

Home Alone: this movie never gets old. I could seriously watch/quote this movie all day long and still watch it to find things I’ve missed. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York is also a classic of course.

(This is also what I say when I pass the person who cut me in line at Black Friday…)


A Christmas Story: This movie was actually filmed in CLE and one of our family friends is in it! Besides being hilarious, I love that TBS plays it for 24 hours beginning Christmas Eve. I usually can’t sleep Christmas Eve (too excited for Santa, duh) and this is always my go to in the middle of the night.


And last but not least… Christmas Vacation. This one is an oldie but a goodie. It’s actually the first movie Z and I saw together (no clue why it was on TV in September…) but it just makes me so excited for Christmas.


And here’s what Jennifer has to say about her favorite movies :) 

Christmas is my FAVORITE. I would be lying if I said we hadn’t started decorating and listening to Christmas music. It was fun but hard to pick my top three favorite Christmas movies.
My number one favorite movie is Elf, how can you not love Buddy?

 photo tumblr_mwqkdzNkzc1shojmzo1_500.gif

Next I would have to say Love Actually. Something about romance and Christmas just make me happy. 

 photo tumblr_mwqezt61sx1rs21djo1_500.gif

Last but not least I had to go with an oldie, but an absolute favorite. The Grinch and not the newer one the good old cartoon one.
 photo tumblr_mwijfamATp1s7g9p3o1_500.gif
I am also a huge fan of The Year without the Santa Claus, but it didn’t make the cut for top three this time!

What are your favorite Christmas movies?! How do you get into the Christmas spirit?


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    Love Christmas movies! Home Alone has become a favorite because Mark is obsessed but I'm ashamed to admit that I've never seen A Christmas Story and only part of Christmas Vacation. Oops! I know what I'm doing over the next few weeks!

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    You had to choose one of the most depressing scenes from Love Actually, didn't you? I love that movie so much! I first saw it on the long flight back to Atlanta from London (in March, no less), trying not to disturb my fellow passengers by laughing out loud too much. We always watch Christmas Vacation, Elf, Charlie Brown Christmas, and the cartoon Grinch. It's been a family tradition as long as I can remember to watch A Christmas Story at my grandparents' house every year on Christmas Eve, even before TBS started playing it around the clock. I'm pretty sure my grandparents still have the original VHS tape from 1984.

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    A Christmas Story is tradition. My family and I (meaning my mom, dad, & sisters) watch it every year and even when I am not with them–I will always make a way to watch it :) Christmas ain't Christmas without it! But I love ALL of the movies you mentioned (except Christmas Vacation because I've never seen it!) But add Meet Me in St. Louis, A Wonderful Life, & Christmas Comes But Once A Year :)

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    I love Christmas Vacation is you haven't already check out the other vacation movies with him, they are hysterical I can watch Christmas Vacation all year that movie no matter how many times I watch it makes me laugh!!!

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    Ah that part in Love Actually still breaks my heart. I still want her to leave the guy and go with the friend. But my favorite is Jiggle All the Way. Its totally lame and not many people know about it since it kind of bombed but I love it.

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    I love Elf – I actually keep the soundtrack in my car at all times, for when the mood strikes :-) My all time favorite Christmas movie is Love Actually…although I will watch it any time of the year!

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