Why Gayle is a trendsetter {Guest Post}

Happy Easter my loves! I’m playing Easter Bunny and overdosing on candy, so Gayle offered to say hello and entertain all of you with her shenanigans! She’s fabulous people, and you’re going to love this (and her)! Take it away Gayle!

Hey all you Hooah readers! I’m Gayle, and I blog over at Grace for Gayle. You may or may not have noticed my little banner ad showing up below the posts here on Hooah and Hiccups this month. So, I hope you already know who I am. If not, here’s me!

So, Samantha, or Samma-Blamma as I call her {little does did she know}, is on vaca now, and asked me to pop over and come talk about . . . well, whatever I want to while she’s gone. And today, I want to talk to you about something that has been on my mind for years. Years, I tell you!
I am a trend setter.

Yes, I, Gayle, started at least five clothing fads in the late 80s and early 90s. How do I know this? Because, I was doing these things before they were cool.  People admired me.  People wanted to look like me. People wanted to be like me.  Heck, people wanted to BE me!*

*Before trend, I looked like a dork. During trend, I looked like a copycat. After trend . . . meh. I didn’t notice.

So, what 80s and 90s trends can you thank me for?

//  cuffed jean shorts //

jean shorts
It’s true!  I cuffed my jeans FIRST.  It was for function.  I did it because my mom made me buy them long enough to be past my fingertips.  Our principal, Dr. Lewis, was a stickler about making sure girls’ shorts were long enough.  It was her vendetta or something.

Anyway, I started cuffing my shorts so they would be shorter at school, but I could still leave the house.  Suddenly?  Everyone else was doing it too!

// keds //

Along with rolled socks, yes.  Keds.  With puffed paint.  In fact, it was weird to me when Keds with the pre-drawn pictures on them came out, because I had been drawing on my shoes for years.  The pre-drawn shoes seemed soooooo unnecessary.

I think Keds must have been profiling me, because they kept stealing my ideas.  Colored Keds?  It’s called Crayola marker, people!

// adidas sambas //


Did I play soccer?

Why yes, but for only one season in kindergarten, and I spent the whole season wandering around the field, or asking “where do I stand again???”  I’m better at individual sports.
Let’s just say, when someone asked me what team I played for, while I was wearing these, I had no idea what they were talking about.  Indoor soccer?  Didn’t even know that was a thing.
But, I did wear the shoes.  Admittedly, I didn’t really learn how to pick out cute shoes until college.  Whoops.  So, I just wore these.  All of the time.

// vests //


Mmmm hmmm!  Vests.  They were out, they were in, they were out, they were in . . . and who do you think wore them the entire time she was in elementary school?!

Yours truly!

// scrunchies //

My mom and my aunt started making these for my cousin and me when we were barely old enough to say scrunchie.  The details are fuzzy, but I think this was another ingenious “something out of nothing” ideas that my mom had.  I’m sure she had, like, spare fabric or something.  She was always trying to find new uses for things.  All I know is, I had a billion scrunchies, before you could even buy one. 🙂

So, as you can see, I am quite the trendsetter.  It would be in your best interest to keep track of me and my fashion choices.  Lucky for you, I am pretty easy to find, over at my blog.  Come check out what I’m up to, and mayyyyybe if you’re lucky, I’ll share an outfit or two!

Thanks for having me, Samantha!  Later, chickadees!!



“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.” – Proverb




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