Passionfruit Wagon

So thank you to the lovely Kaitlyn of Wifessionals, I have finally jumped on the Passionfruit bandwagon for ad swapping!

Interested in swapping ads? Just go to the Sponsors tab and click “Buy Now”. Don’t be fooled by the $1 price, just enter HOOAH at checkout and it will be free.

I need some people to try this out for me so please do it and let me know if you have a problem. If I see your ad come through, I’ll know it worked.

Also, a big shout out and THANK YOU to Kaitlyn for designing my amazing new buttons. This girl has truly been such a good “blogging” friend to me and I wish my husband would get stationed in Colorado so we could be friends in “real” life.

Comforting to know that good people still exist 🙂

Now go “buy” an ad and take one of my new buttons! Thank you in advance for your help!




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