Palmolive VoxBox from Influenster

You might laugh when I tell you this, but my husband likes to do the dishes. Either that, or hates how I do them. 
He says he has a “system” and actually enjoys doing them. Trust me, I will not fight him on this one. I hate doing dishes and would rather do any other chore (besides garbage, that’s his too). 
So when I was selected for Influenster’s Palmolive VoxBox, I knew I would definitely need his dish washing “expertise” to review them. 
When I first opened the box, I thought the Palmolive Fresh Infusions looked a lot prettier than a regular dish soap bottle. I know, typical girl describing something as “pretty” but it’s true. They had a sleek design and I loved the picture of the flower, etc on the bottle. 
When I tried it, the first thing I noticed was that it was a lot thinner than the Original Palmolive. It wasn’t watery, however, but just a thinner consistency. 
It was nice to have input from Z on this new product as well. He said a little went a long way and that they smelled awesome. I personally liked the “Ginger White Tea” and he preferred the “Lime Basil”. We currently have the Original Palmolive and he said compared to that, he thought his hands also felt a lot smoother afterwards. 
He’s a pro, I know. 
I went to walmart.com to check out the price difference, and these babies work out to about 18.5 cents per fluid ounce ($2.96 for 16 fl oz). The other Palmolive dish soap we normally use works out to about 10.3 cents per fluid oz ($3.94 for 38 fl oz). So yes, there is a slight difference but it’s pretty minuscule and Z said he would still buy these Fresh Infusions instead. 
Thank you Influenster, we have a new favorite household product! 
Have you tried them? What do you think?

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