October Birchbox Review

So since I took an extra day to review the items in my Birchbox this month, I can tell you that I am OH so happy with one particular item. Which I’ll get to in a minute…
But first off, for those of you who aren’t familiar with Birchbox, let me explain. Basically, for only $10 a month, you receive a collection of beauty products (sample size) and it’s always a surprise. The fun in this? You never know what you’re getting AND it allows you to try a product before you invest a ton of money in something without knowing if you’ll like it or not. 
Genius, I know. 

This little card tells you exactly what you’ve received 

Jouer// Lip Enhancer
Juicy Couture//Viva la Juicy La Fleur
theBalm cosmetics//Mary-Lou Manizer
Vitivia//Pro: Vitamines A15 and C10
Luna Protein//Chocolate Peanut Butter

I only got to experience a bite of this little treat because my husband saw food and protein and was all over it. But, from what I tasted, it was delicious and didn’t taste like anything “healthy” at all. 

These little guys were my favorite part of this month’s box. I’m pretty terrible at taking my daily vitamins, so these little capsules were vitamins for my skin that I rubbed on before a moisturizer! I was a little unsure when I first tried them, but after a few days I could seriously notice a difference. I especially liked the morning one; I felt like my skin was flawless and that my make-up looked better with having this on first. I think this is one product I will definitely be investing in. 
I LOVE this stuff. My lips tend to get really chapped and dry right around this time of the year, so they couldn’t have planned this anymore perfectly. It’s not sticky or thick and I love how soft my lips feel…like I’m not wearing anything at all! I haven’t asked my husband his opinion on it yet but I will get back to you on that 🙂 

So each month, they wrap one or two items in tissue paper with a ribbon and of course, I open that right away. This month I received Viva La Juicy La Fleur perfume and Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter, shadow, and all-over shimmer.
Side note: my husband saw theBalm (the company) written on this product and tried it on his lips. Silly husband, this is why you don’t touch things that aren’t yours. It is NOT a lip balm! 

I liked this perfume and so did my husband. It’s a blend of wild berries, mandarin, and water lily and it’s so feminine and delicate. 

This shadow is super fun; it’s bold enough to make a statement but also classy enough to be worn during the day. It seemed to stay on the entire day as well and I really liked how smooth it was when applied. 
Overall, I was pretty happy with my Birchbox this month. Want to join in on the fun? You should! Often times we get so caught up in taking care of everyone else that we forget to treat ourselves. Here’s your chance 🙂 
What are you waiting for??! Click here and join Birchbox today! 




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