Mommy Mush Brain

This is not a myth. Ok, so maybe there is no medical evidence that this horrific mental condition is in fact a real condition, but ask any mother out there and they will tell you it is.

Apparently pregnant women get it because of all the hormones and stress in welcoming a new child into the world. Well, I have a 7 month old and I still blame my forgetfulness and sometimes downright stupidity on Mommy Mush Brain.

Someone brought it to my attention that I never said whether or not I liked the dish I made last night. I have a legitimate reason… that beautiful baby boy of mine? Yeah, he thinks my computer is a drum set and will literally bee line it whenever I open it and the beautiful little apple on the front lights up. While trying to fend him off the computer as well as protecting my beautiful mane from being ripped from my head, I was attempting to finish my review. SO anyways, here it is:

We LOVED the Baked Chicken Bacon Ranch Taquitos! Not going to lie, I’ve made them before and that’s why I decided to start with them last night. I made them for a couple who wanted to try them at the last party I brought them too but since they are so delicious, they were gone before they had the chance!

Super easy and super filling. I chose a few modifications to make them healthier and I probably could have used low fat cheese and turkey bacon instead to make it even more healthy. Usually I stick to the original recipe the first time and then start making my own changes, so do whatever works for you!

Back to chasing my child around the house… more to come later! 🙂




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