“Mommy, I want your boobies”

“Mommy I want your boobies”

No joke, this is what my child yells in public when she’s tired and cranky. Literally, I think the entire bed and bath department at Target stopped to look at us the other day when she was screaming it at the top of her lungs.

I won’t lie, the first time she did it, it embarrassed me. But then I just started whispering to her that she can’t yell that anywhere but home. It doesn’t make me uncomfortable because I mean, I’m her mom and I nursed her for 23 months. But unfortunately, I know the stigma that surrounds breastfeeding and toddlers. I haven’t nursed her in over a year but I know that when she yells that, people probably assume she wants to nurse. And that’s when it gets weird.

But for me, I know it’s a comfort thing. She wants to touch me and lay there because it’s her comfort zone. You know how some kids have pacifiers or blankets or stuffed animals to turn to for their soothing needs? Neither of my child ever turned to anything like that for comfort. N used to play with my hair to put himself to sleep and P, she lays with her hand down my shirt and asks for my boobies. To each their own…

Call it weird, call it “too much”, whatever. Because I’ll admit, somedays I don’t want to be touched anymore and sometimes it gets uncomfortable. But when she refuses to sleep in her bed and insists on snuggling up against me to fall asleep, I know that in that moment, she needs me. That no one could possibly comfort her the same way I do and that is enough to make it all worth it.

Motherhood is weird. I mean, we pee on sticks and wait for two pink lines for God’s sake. But then you learn that your kids’ comfort and happiness are more important than anything in the world. And you give up on trying to avoid the weirdness.

Like your kid yelling “Mommy, I want your boobies!” at the top of her lungs in Target…




  • Rheanna

    I’m so glad you are here!!!!

  • Holly

    My daughter nursed until she was 2.5 and still does this going on 4.5. Solidarity.

    • Samantha

      Hahaha I am totally okay with it now!

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