Julep Maven November Box

In case you aren’t aware of what being a Julep Maven means, I took this straight from their website!
“Becoming a Julep Maven gives you exclusive access to COLOR. Each month we hand-pick trendsetting new nail colors, cult faves and cutting-edge beauty products that are just right for you. Commitment shy? No problem. YOU decide how often to receive your Julep Maven box, and you can cancel at any time.”
It feels like forever since I received my Julep Maven subscription! They switched to a new website and somehow missed my October box, so here we are with November’s box 🙂

 These were a nice surprise! A sample of their nail polish remover pads. I’ll get to these in a minute…

This stuff looks exactly like frosting. I’m surprised my husband didn’t try to eat this because he usually takes my products and uses them in the wrong way (see what I mean here). But it smelled like delicious grapefruit (as the name would imply), and was great for my super dry hands. It didn’t leave my hands sticky or oily which is always my concern with new lotions. I’m sure it would be even better to put on after a shower 🙂

And now we’ve arrived at this month’s colors, Donna and Trina. 
I attempted to paint my nails with the Donna (teal color) but got sidetracked and had to remove the one nail I finished (cue remover wipes). Dark colors are always hard to get off and these wipes seemed to do a pretty good job. I’m hoping to get my nails painted while hubby is training this week… look for a picture on instagram (which if you don’t follow me, you can do so here). 
But I love both of these colors; they scream fall fashion and I can’t wait to try them (on more than one nail). But I love their nail polish; fast drying and super smooth going on!
Want to become a Julep Maven? You can get your first box for a penny and then refer friends for free points! It’s really only a penny… I’ve done it, promise!
Complete the style quiz and then enter COLOR2012 at checkout! Click here to sign up and do something nice for yourself!) 




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