It’s Time to Play!

One of the best parts about being an Army wife is meeting so many amazing women from all different walks of life. I’m sure you’ve heard the stereotypes about the drama between wives, but let’s be honest, when isn’t there some sort of drama between large groups of women? However, if you get really lucky, you meet a ton of great wives and mommies along the way that completely banish the stereotype from your mind. 

A friend of mine approached me with the idea of starting a playgroup. A playgroup? Sounds like fun…we’re in! I had no idea where to start or how to begin, but lucky for me my co-sponsor was already ahead of the game and had some great ideas. We work well together; we sat around all afternoon bouncing ideas off each other and collaborating on what we believe will be a beneficial hour each week for both kids and their parents. 
Playgroups are meant to be fun, but we also want it to be a place for children to grow into intelligent and independent individuals. We’ve broken each week’s itinerary into different projects and activities that we believe will allow the children to have fun while learning and developing social and motor skills. 
I’m truly looking forward to co-sponsoring this get-together each week. As a mommy, it’s sometimes hard to find time for yourself, and this opportunity will be a great time to play with my son as well as socialize with other mothers in the same boat. I believe that it’s never too young to introduce your child to other children, and feel that this group will help teach my son important lessons on socializing with others. 
Check back each week for a recap of what we did…complete with pictures of course!
Interested in joining The Ridge Playgroup? Visit us at:
And don’t forget to check out my fabulous co-sponsor!



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