Huggies Little Swimmers: A Mom’s Best Friend

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My son is an absolute water baby. If I let him, he would stay in the pool or lake ALL day. Now that we are staying at my parents house on the lake until my husband finishes school (since we can’t go with him, tear), he’s basically in the water daily. 
Even though I’m a first-time mom, I knew there was only one way to tackle our long days of swimming head on…Huggies Little Swimmers!
These things are an absolute life saver! If I kept him in a regular diaper, it would be soaking wet and down to his knees in the first five minutes. I usually just throw him in a Huggies Little Swimmer in the morning, apply sunscreen, and call it a day. He loves feeling free and close to nakey, and I love that I don’t have to change his soggy diapers from being wet all day! 
I also love that these just slip right on and I don’t have to worry about him undoing the velcro when I’m not looking. Sometimes I put swimming trunks over it and sometimes I just put him in the Little Swimmers and leave it at that. He loves the characters printed on them and I love the fact that I have less laundry to do 🙂 
Huggies has offered all of you a $1.50 coupon towards your purchase at Target by just clicking here and sending to your email to print. 
We just stocked up for Fourth of July weekend as we plan to be spending everyday in the water! Use the coupon above and get yours today; they’re every mom’s summer necessity! 


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