Guest Post: Prayers and Pearls

Hey there to all of the lovely Hooah and Hiccups readers!
I am Chrissy and I blog at Prayers and Pearls!  
I am so excited to be writing my first guest post ever! 🙂 
I am from Music City (Nashville, TN) and I am a student at Middle Tennessee State University!
I blog mostly about college life, my darling honey bunches of oats, that sweet part of dating when you’re not yet engaged to your high school sweetheart of six years, crafts, and prayer! 🙂 
Today I bring to you a “Pinspired” craft that is one of the coolest, easiest things I’ve ever made for someone’s birthday! 
I saw this and fell in love with it! It just so happens that my best friend Liz has a heart in two states, so I thought it’d be sweet to do two states on a board for her! 
Supplies included:
a board that is 1.5″ thick (so the nails don’t go through it)
a box of nails 
yarn in the color you want
paint for painting the board
Computer and Printer
Paint the board.
Then, print the outlines of the states you want.  
Cut them out and place them on the dried board.
Nail the outline of the state like so, making sure you nail every nook and cranny.
String the yarn around the state.  I did mine in a circle, going from one side to another, but stripes would be fun, or diagonal criss-crosses would be cool too.  
I did a bee line type design to connect the two with a heart in the middle
I then found a sweet quote to paint on the board.  Next time, I’ll paint before I start, though.  
🙂 There you have it.  It took me maybe an hour? Definitely a great gift or decoration if you’re looking for something to fill that blank spot on the wall.  
I hope you make your way over to my blog and hang out for a while! 🙂 
Thanks again to sweet Samantha for giving me a guest post on her wonderful blog! 🙂




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