Frozen Strawberry Deliciousness for One Recipe

This post is brought to you by Socialstars and Sweet ‘N’ Low however, my love for Daquiris and frozen deliciousness is my own. #SweetNLowStars
I absolutely love Strawberry Daiquiris. They remind me of summer, sun, and the beach.
But because I’m currently on a health and fitness program, I’m trying to avoid alcohol. But just because I’m watching my alcohol intake, doesn’t mean I need to give up my love for this frozen deliciousness.
And half of the time, I’m home alone and there’s no need to make an entire batch. Enter Frozen Strawberry Deliciousness for One!
frozen daiquiri #SweetNLowStars
1 cup frozen strawberries
4 large fresh strawberries
1/2 cup water (if you want to add alcohol, I would swap this out or use 1/4 water 1/4 rum)
1/4 fresh lime juice
3 packets Sweet ‘N Low
healthy daiquiri #SweetNLowStars
1. Slice fresh strawberries, squeeze fresh lime, and add all ingredients to blender (I used a Magic Bullet).
2. Blend ingredients until smooth.
3. Garnish with lime and little umbrella 🙂
healthy strawberry daiquiri #SweetNLowStars
It tastes just like a Strawberry Daiquiri but with WAY less calories. Can’t beat that, right?


healthy frozen drinks #SweetNLowStars

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself some frozen deliciousness and head outside! Either that or plop down and watch some reality TV. And don’t forget the little umbrellas, those are totally necessary for this drink…

drink recipe #SweetNLowsStars
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