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Ok, so if I didn’t already have an obsession with her work, after reading her motivation behind it, I’m almost in tears with the beauty of this photographer as a person as well.

Today’s photo comes from Bree at Bluebird Pictures and it was so hard to just pick one photo to feature. So make sure you head to her Facebook page or blog and admire the rest of her work!

I love everything about this photo; the lighting, the location, and of course, the adorable baby!

Please read the words below for some insight on this amazing woman. Thanks again Bree, for letting me feature you 🙂

when it came creating my own type of look and brand in photography…at first I wanted something real clever and unique
The more I thought about it though,
 I wanted to represent myself and my work
and most importantly my motivation to start
in a different way,
it’s sort of a story….
As a kid I was lucky enough to think my Grandpa was a full fledge superman and he really flew.
If it wasn’t a money hunt around their giant Logan home 
it was a special trip to his office, up beaver canyon to ski or out to dinner at Angies
If we were really lucky we
went up with him in his airplane.
yes my grandpa was a pilot 
( told you he could fly)
but that wasn’t his job
he was an attorney by day
hero by night.
Instead of a dog, my grandpa gave his daughter a monkey. Instead of disneyland, they went to egypt. We still spend countless hours hiking Arches and taking respite at his Moab retreat
My mom was born on and grew up swimming off the beaches of Guam.
For many many years, my cousins and I
found so much happiness and even more memories with both our grandparents.
 Cryptonite eventually found it’s way into my picture perfect story
Superman got really sick 
 instead of taking adventures 
he spent time doing more crossword puzzles
and bird watching
 My grandpa,  who survived as a POW in a NAZI war camp, the hero, died of Cancer
not too long ago.
This man began and eventually finished his life in Logan Utah. As a small child he’d walk to this store for penny candy and ice cream

The last goody I brought him before he passed away was some of their famous chocolate
my eyes tear up even writing about it, he meant so very much to a lot of people.
I hope he realized that.
If I take anything with me 
from this hero’s  life,

it’s that the sky is litterally the limit.

 give, laugh, travel, dare, live, cry, learn,
fly, love.

bluebird is my sky.




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