Featured Photo Friday!

So we all know I’m obsessed with photography and taking pictures. And yes, sometimes I like to pretend I’m a photographer and we all know that I am far from one.

However, I have been following a ton of awesome photographers on Facebook and getting my fix from them.

Last week, a certain photographer caught my eye with a photo shoot of one of the cutest little boys in the world!

So I decided I needed to share her work with all of you. And that brings us to the new series I will be starting…

Featured Photo Friday!

Each Friday, I’ll bring you my favorite photo from the past week and hopefully you will check out the other incredible photos these photographers have taken. Photographers are truly artists and I love to do my part by supporting this form of artwork. Having pictures professionally taken is a true investment and I encourage everyone to freeze their special moments in time to be admired for years to come.

This photo comes to us from Shanekia Robinson of Poetic Expressions Photography in Maryland. She is a natural light photographer of families, couples, seniors, children and still life. Head over to her Facebook page or Flickr to check out more!

If this face doesn’t scream “Happy Friday!”, I don’t know what does! 🙂 Enjoy the weekend!




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