Dinner and Shoot!

I love pictures. I love taking pictures, I love being in pictures, I love scrapbooking pictures. If you walk into my house, you’re immediately on a trip down memory lane with pictures from every chapter of my life. There’s something about them that makes me happy. I think it’s important to document everything and I refuse to let a day go by without taking a picture of my son, especially. They grow too fast and since I can’t slow time down, pictures will have to do.

Remember that wonderful camera my husband surprised me with? Yea, I’m glued to it. It comes on walks, it comes to the park, it comes to the store (don’t judge me). And even though I may never have a future as a real photographer, for now, I enjoy pretending.

Last night, I was fortunate enough to tag-a-long with a few local photographers in the area and watch them have a photo shoot…of my son! He’s a little ham and thoroughly enjoyed the 6 women snapping pics of his naked booty in a tub. As someone commented, I need to show him this later in life (maybe in front of his girlfriend) and embarrass the hell out of him.

HAM! Captured by Bethany Payne Photography

I am so interested in learning what makes a good picture when it comes to posing, lighting, etc, and these women were all so great with answering questions and teaching me tricks and tips!

Here’s my take on the photo shoot. Obviously I am NO professional and the other girls had way better pictures, but I wanted to show you all a few of my personal favorites 🙂




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