Are you a Julep Maven?

My nails look like the nails for a 12 year old boy. They’re short, stumpy, and I bite them ’till no tomorrow. 

I very rarely have nail polish on them for this very reason. It always ends up on my skin and I seriously would be better off having a 4 year old paint them. 

So for me, nail polish was never a priority. 
So when I heard about becoming a Julep Maven for a PENNY, I thought hey, why not!?
If you haven’t heard of being a Julep Maven, they basically pick nail colors and other beauty products out for you each month based on a profile you fill out. My type is the “American Beauty.” 
Normally the box is $19.95 a month but ask me how much I’ve paid since my initial ones a couple months back? A PENNY!
I’m being serious, it’s legit people.

Here’s what I received this month, for FREE! If you would like to sign up and receive your first box for a penny, click here and enter the code JULEPVIP at checkout.

You can earn points for referrals and cancel your membership at any time. Sign-up, start referring friends, and see for yourself 🙂

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